Garage Conversion In The Twin Cities?

Garage Conversion In The Twin Cities? 5 Key Considerations

See What’s Involved When Converting Your Garage Into Living Space

Thanks to larger economic forces impacting the Twin Cities, more and more local families are considering remodeling projects over moving. Rather than investing in a new property and having to leave the area, they’d rather put their budget towards updating and renovating the home right under their feet.

At Executive Remodeling, we provide a professional design-build approach to these indoor-life-expanding projects. And one of the ideas that get brought forward when first meeting with people is a garage conversion.


Because it’s common for people to realize they either barely use the garage space they have or they use it primarily for storage rather than parking.

In both cases, transforming the area into a comfortable living space is definitely an option.

But, like any serious home renovation, there are things to consider before diving into the project. As our CEO Larry would tell you during initial Consultations.

Garage conversions have advantages and drawbacks, so It’s vital that you ask professionals the right questions to determine if this, or another Home Addition or Whole-House Remodeling option is right for you.

With home additions, we’re building new square space outside the shell of your home.

With whole-house remodeling, we’re usually reconfiguring your home’s layout and building/expanding rooms. Then, of course, there’s Basement Remodeling. The point is, you’ve got lots of options.

Speaking of which…

Alternative Parking & Storage Options

If you haven’t been using the garage for parking, then parking is likely not an issue. Will that remain the case? Do you EVER park in there? And, if you can no longer use your garage, where will you be parking?

  • Are there parking restrictions on your street?
  • Does your home require a certain amount of parking spaces?

On the other side of the coin is storage space. Let’s say you haven’t been parking in there and use the garage for storage. How common is this? We’ve all seen it.

  • Where will all this stuff be going?
  • Will your new living space require custom storage options to tuck all the camping gear and miscellaneous stuff neatly away?
  • Are there currently any windows? If not, then there’s likely to be budgeting for a few. Whether it’s a bedroom or bathroom space, natural light is desirable.

How Much Does a Garage Conversion Cost?

As you likely guessed, the overall budget for your garage conversion here in the Twin Cities is dependent on a relatively short list of major factors.

  • Your Overall Project Scope
  • Plumbing & Electrical Needs
  • HVAC Requirements
  • Structural Changes
  • Type of Living Space We’re Building

During our initial chats together, we’ll visit your home, inspect the space in question and connecting areas, and dial in on your goals, needs, lifestyle, potential issues, etc. Afterward, we head back to the office and take a couple of days to put together a crystal-clear plan and estimate. It’s the only way to get a real handle on specific project costs.

From here, it’s all about design, making product/material selections, then demolition and construction. It sounds so easy, but there’s a lot involved.

You can learn more about the process on our How We Work page.

Does A Garage Conversion Add Value?

Whether or not your garage conversion is going to add value, and how much, can be tricky.

Most of our customers in the Twin Cities who invest in garage conversions, again, aren’t planning on selling anytime soon. On the other hand, while adding livable square footage adds value, selling a home of your size without a garage can decrease desirability.

Before reaching out to a design-build firm like ours, it would be a good idea to speak to a real estate expert to determine how everything will shake out in the end.

What Are My Living Space Options?

The fact of the matter is if we can design it within local codes, we can build it. So, honestly, the sky’s the limit. Most folks come to us and ask something along the lines of,

I have a garage I want to turn into a livable space, what are my options?

And that’s okay. We can start there. Once we sit down with you and talk about your lifestyle, the things your current home is missing, and what sorts of living spaces would provide the most functional value, we can begin honing in on specifics.

  • A garage conversion makes it possible to change the entire layout of your home.
  • Multi-purpose spaces are another popular option – ex. Workout + home office space.
  • Kitchen Remodeling is also another popular option – we then turn the old kitchen space into something else that’s close to other high-traffic spaces.
  • Bedrooms are popular, especially when the family is expecting new members.
  • Entertainment rooms are also a popular option, which, again, connects with reconfiguring the layout of your home.

Whether you know exactly what you’d like done with the garage space or you haven’t got a clue…you just know you need more living area…we can help.

Tell Us About Your Garage Conversion Ideas

We’ll Provide The Professional Insight & Twin Cities Experience

There’s only so much you can uncover about garage conversions and home remodeling ideas through digging around online. At some point, calling our office or using our website’s easy Contact Us form is going to get you really high-value information.

We’ve got answers to your questions. We can address initial concerns you might have. And, we take just a few tid bits of facts about your situation, and give you some insight. Thanks for your time today, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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