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From A Dank’n’Dusty Unfinished Basement To A Polished
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For most Twin Cities homeowners, an unfinished basement is a constant annoyance. It’s unrealized potential and underutilized space. It’s a sizable part of your property screaming out to be transformed into a polished, comfortable, inviting area. Once you decide to tackle basement remodeling, that’s when our professional design-build team enters the picture.

Rather than you having to try to hire and manage an assortment of professionals to come in and build your new wine cellar, home theater, second kitchen, etc., with everything done properly and up to code…our team collaborates with you and does most of the heavy lifting.

At Executive Remodeling, we come in and…

  • Ensure your new basement’s design is absolutely perfect, down to the finest detail.
  • Ensure everything is up to code and designed with safety and performance in mind.
  • Assemble/manage the trades, as well as incoming products and materials.
  • Manage the construction phase with full accountability to be on time and within budget.

Not sure what you want or can do with the space?

During our initial meetings and consultations, we’ll help put everything in perspective, point out any obvious challenges you’ll face, and see to it you have a full understanding of what’s going to be involved in transforming your basement.

You can learn more about our design-build basement remodeling services below. From project photos to FAQs to homeowner reviews, you’ll find everything you need to know to get acquainted with our company.

Curious about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of our remodeling process? Check out our How We Work page… or simply Contact Us to speak to someone directly. We’d be honored to speak to you and answer your questions!

We Make Basement Remodeling Dreams

What Kind Of Finished Basement Are You Envisioning?

We know…the extra space you’re craving is right under your feet. You want to grow your home, and you don’t want to move. The basement could be an ideal solution! And you likely have an idea of how you want to finish your basement but lack the residential construction expertise to understand the variables involved in these specific kinds of remodels in the Twin Cities.

Executive can help. We’ll take your rough ideas, unsolidified dreams, and the hazy visions you have for your basement and transform them into a concrete, doable design. And here’s the key:

As long as it’s within code and we can design it, we can build it

Let’s use this simple photo we took of one of our Minneapolis basement finishing projects as an easy example. As you can see, it’s not a sweeping, ultra-complex, high-end remodel. But would you believe the only thing down there before was a dark, damp, dirty, dusty area with old, yellowing concrete walls?

Minneapolis Basement Remodeling Service Page Example Photo
  • New insulated walls and infrastructure, with HVAC.
  • High-quality wood panel flooring and new reinforced ceiling.
  • New lighting (including some natural light) with a bathroom addition.
  • New plumbing and electrical systems for TVs, fixtures, etc.
  • New custom carpeted stairway molding trim and railing.
  • All up to code, within budget, and delivered absolutely spotless.

What a transformation! Suddenly, within a relatively short period of time, their home is MUCH bigger and offers much more functional value. But whether it’s a relaxing lounge area, a downstairs apartment, or a fully-functioning mancave, what matters is quality. You need the work to be done not just “well” but with seasoned, professional, detailed finesse and precision.

To see what we’ll bring to bear for your project, please visit the Meet Our Team page. We’ll help you get the absolute most value for your budget through the best possible design, personalized product/material selections, and workable solutions to the inevitable issues that pop up during construction. It’s what makes our design-build process so popular across the Twin Cities region.

Below, you can browse some project photos from our Basement Remodeling Gallery, read some example reviews, learn more about our company, and check out common questions homeowners ask. For more direct answers, please call or use our Contact Us form.

Be Sure To Look At Our Before & Afters As Well

Some Of Our Reviews From Twin Cities Homeowners

See What Folks Say About Our Results & Service

Catherine R.

Executive’s team was supportive every step of the way
We emptied out the basement for drain tile then re-installed what was taken out to preserve the investment in our nearly 100-year-old house. Executive’s team was supportive every step of the way. Their optimism and "can do" attitude were helpful as we discovered complications. They got the right craftsmen for every step. We even added a new garden window to the kitchen upstairs, knowing we could trust them to do a great install. We sleep well knowing our wiring is up to code, and we enjoy a great deal of natural light in the basement because of their work.

Chris O.

Very business-like and professional, meticulous planning
In the confusing world of home remodeling and contractors, the team from Executive Remodeling is a breath of fresh air. Very business-like and professional, meticulous planning and CAD design advice, excellent and responsive resources. Highly recommend!

Bruce K.

They were professional in every respect, and I’d use them again
Executive Remodeling was great to work with on our project. We were really happy with the cost and the quality of the work. The lines of communication were always open so that we knew what was being done and when. They were professional in every respect, and I’d use them again without reservation!

Mike M.

They delivered the project on budget with no surprises.
Executive Remodeling did a full bathroom addition to our 1908-era house, including adding a foundation and crawlspace. They delivered the project on budget with no surprises. Great communication as far as what to expect each week. Our project manager was great. All the subcontractors were great and respectful, coming and going from our house. We especially liked how they were able to tastefully transition from our old house into a new room. We’d definitely use them again.

Emily P.

We loved our experience with Executive Remodeling!
We loved our experience with Executive Remodeling! Our project was completed seamlessly, with little stress, great communication, and high quality.

Bernie A.

We were extremely satisfied from start to finish.
The owners of Executive Remodeling were extremely helpful and honest in making decisions on our project. They stuck to what was in our budget. The workmanship was excellent. The workers were professional. The job was done very timely. We were extremely satisfied from start to finish. We highly recommend!

What Sets Executive Remodeling Apart

Why Choose Us For Your Basement Remodeling

Polished, Detailed, High-Caliber Workmanship

Did you know roughly 50% of U.S. homeowners complain about shoddy workmanship after a basement remodeling project? Compare that to what you’ll see when you read through our Customer Reviews – the focus being results and our dedication to high-caliber customer service. To us, a polished, detailed remodel everyone can be proud of is the primary goal.

Our Personalized Product Selection Process

One difference between the conventional route of working with “contractors” and a design-build firm like Executive Remodeling has to do with selection choice. We don’t try and force any particular products or materials on you. Instead, we build a selection sheet based on your basement design with allowances to stay within your budget. From there, the choices are yours.

Experienced, Well-Versed Professionalism

True professionalism is earned. One might say forged in the fires of experience. Shaped by hundreds of successful projects throughout the Twin Cities region. To get an idea of our experience, head over to the Meet Our Team page. The bottom line is that you can expect to be treated with the proper respect and friendly, accommodating service you deserve from A to Z.

A 5-Star Twin Cities Reputation Built On Service

Along with an appreciation for the high-quality, detailed results we deliver, our customers enjoy the experience of working with us. From introductory consultations and quotes and design to the selection process and into the Construction phase, we care, and it shows. Not just about our reputation but about you, your home, budget, goals, and future in your new basement spaces.

The Core Values That Drive Our Brand Of Excellence

Integrity | Accountability | Reliability | Teamwork | Trustworthiness

When you work with a Twin Cities design-build firm, you’re putting a tremendous amount of trust both in us and in the talented tradespeople we bring in to get the work done. So, it’s important you understand that we’re a tight-knit team of professionals driven by both value and values. The most important value is definitely trust, and we work hard to earn and keep yours from Day One.

Twin Cities Basement Remodeling FAQs

Key Questions & Answers For Local Homeowners

Do You Finish Basements Everywhere Around The Twin Cities?

To get specific, please visit our Service Areas page. Generally, we try to stay within a 30-minute radius of our St. Louis Park office. This means we work all over Minneapolis and Saint Paul: Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Edina, Golden Valley, and so on. If in doubt, just give us a call or use the link below to contact us. We’ll happily let you know if you’re in our area.

How Long Will My Basement Remodel Take?

While we can say every basement finish is unique, and the timelines vary from project to project, it’s not going to be a quick bang-up job. There are so many different factors for professional work (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, etc.), compounded by the complexities of your goals. The good news is we’re extremely successful at finishing projects on time and within budget. You’ll be aware of the schedule and in the loop each step of the way.

What Does It Mean To “Finish” My Basement?

Think of it this way: an unfinished basement looks, smells, and feels like a basement. They’re often dark, used for an extra place to store stuff, they’re musty, etc. On the other hand, a finished basement doesn’t look like a basement. Instead, it’s a new living or entertaining space of some kind, with new flooring, finished walls, HVAC, better lighting and fixtures, and so forth. Keep in mind that “finished” isn’t just an industry term but a legal one as well. We’ll fill you in on your local Twin Cities coding restrictions during initial consultations.

What If I Don’t Know What I Want To Do With My Basement?

That’s fine. It’s common for folks to come to us and say, “My basement isn’t finished. Can we do something?” and then we progress from there. Or, they have a general idea that they want it to be a place to entertain or exercise but aren’t sure what’s involved. After visiting your home and seeing the place for ourselves, we’ll be able to provide TONS of insight, suggestions, and recommendations based on our experience and coding restrictions in your Twin Cities area.

What Should I Budget For My Basement Remodel?

For a rough idea, head on over to our Basement Remodel Pricing page. This is meant to give you a basic place to start from. Every basement remodel is as unique as its budget. Some components that are often overlooked but take a substantial portion of most budgets are plumbing, flooring, waterproofing the area, and egress window installation. But whether it’s a new mancave or a new bedroom area, we’ll walk you through each detail step by step.

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