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Kitchen Remodeling

The Executive team will work tirelessly to ensure every detail of your kitchen remodel has an incredible presence. Every major component with final touches will stand on its own and help to bring the new concept together into an impressive, functional, expertly-designed space.

Basement Remodeling

Through our meticulous, imaginative approach to basement remodeling, we’ll convert your unfinished, empty, or largely under-utilized below-ground area into a comfortable, personalized living space. Relax. Unwind. Socialize. Elevate your Twin Cities home with polished finesse and style.

Bathroom Remodeling

We focus on capturing your new bathroom remodeling vision down to the most minute feature and then bringing it to life through fluid collaboration and flawless workmanship. From classic to avant-garde designs, we’ll meet expectations and then work to exceed them.

Whole House Remodeling

Our specialists thrive on the nuances, stylistic trends, and proven principles of Minneapolis whole house remodeling projects. We’re specialists at fusing your vision with your needs, preferences, budget, and quality products into a seamless interior design from room to room.

Home Additions

Home additions expand your possibilities. From a lavish new second-floor master bedroom or room extension to a new suite, multipurpose area, or office, our planning, preparation, and rock-solid professional integrity ensure a smooth, by-the-book, and life-changing experience.

“We chose Executive Remodeling for their honesty, experience, and straightforward approach... We got an incredible amount of value for our investment.”
— John S.

What Sets Executive Remodeling Apart

Difference-Making Design & A Satisfaction-Based Process

For Minneapolis homeowners, embracing the potential of their homes through remodeling can be tough. Mainly because in the Twin Cities area, thousands of contractors and companies call themselves “remodelers.” What it comes down to is expertise and trust. Folks wonder who has the experience to deliver and is as personally invested in their projects as they are.

In terms of ability, Executive Remodeling has been around since 2005. And when you sit down with our team, well over a century of experience will be focused on breathing life into what you’ve dreamed up. Whether it’s a stunning, functional kitchen, a fully-utilized basement, or perhaps an overhauled home interior, we guarantee new living spaces everyone can be proud of.

Learn more about us, inspect a sampling of our galleries, read some 5-star reviews from Minneapolis homeowners, check out a few blogs, or explore our service areas below. Or, if you’d rather talk with us directly, simply reach out and contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions, give recommendations, and see if we’re a great match for your design-build journey.

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Why Discerning People Choose Executive Remodeling

A Transformational Process Built On Trust & Expertise

Curated, Personalized Product Selection

We aren’t going to pigeonhole you into any specific products anywhere along the line. Instead, we give you a range of choices and plenty of wiggle room. With our wide breadth of knowledge and experience in the home remodeling industry, we can recommend products based on your needs, preferences, and budget. For example, for your new kitchen hardware, do you want those expensive cabinet pulls? That’s great. If not, we’ll have plenty of other high-quality options to show you.

Learn more about our approach to Personalized Product Selection.

Refined, Highly-Accomplished Workmanship

We’re as careful and methodical as any other reputable Minneapolis design-build firm. The reason is we CARE about our careers and workmanship carrying our name. Every detail will be meticulously attended to while ensuring you get all warranty coverage under the law (and then some). These remodels are masterpieces in the making, and we’ll work with you transparently to see to it the products last and the renewed space continues to provide value for decades.

Dig deeper into our seasoned Highly-Accomplished Workmanship.

Our Varied, Well-Versed Professionalism

Why are we intent on listening, working with you, and focusing on both your enjoyment of our process as well as your complete satisfaction with the results? The answer is our Industry experience. If you visit the Meet Our Team page, you’ll see our tight-knit Twin Cities remodeling company represents vast and varied industry experience. Construction. Design. Carpentry. Project Management. Customer Service. Business. And more. We bring a lot to the table and to the worksite every day.

Get more familiar with our varied, Well-Versed Professionalism.

We Build Trust By Demonstrating Core Values

While we get our share of referrals and repeat customers who come to us with more projects, for those who don’t know us yet, again…it’s all about trust. These projects involve sizeable investments and copious responsibility. This is why from A to Z, we seek to build trust by applying and demonstrating our core values. Integrity. Accountability. Reliability. Expertise. These concepts are central to every facet of our work, from initial meetings and chats to follow-through.

Discover more of what we mean by Demonstrating Core Values.

A Pristine Reputation Of 5-Star Service In The Twin Cities

Can we say we have thousands of 5-star reviews from Twin Cities homeowners? No, we keep our projects per year lower to give customers better service. That said, what do people focus on in our reviews and referrals? Our CARING, professional processes, along with straightforward no-games pricing and refined workmanship. Not to mention our focus on quality and clear, consistent communication from one end of their project to the other. These are our calling cards.

See what comes together to maintain our 5-Star Service Reputation.

What Twin Cities Homeowners Are Saying

Genuine Feedback From Projects of Different Scopes and Complexity

We’re thrilled... Our PM handled unforeseen issues with immediate problem-solving. The project stayed on schedule and was completed within weeks!

— Stephanie F.

The Executive Remodeling team was available, easy to work with, and very responsive... Best of all, they showed true integrity, quickly owned up to mistakes.

— Michael T.

Executive Remodeling did an amazing job... everything was done on time. We highly recommend. They’re a great team to work with.

— Sam M.

An incredible experience... Our on-site project manager was AMAZING. They stayed within budget and the quoted timeframe as well.

— Mollie K.

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