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A sizeable percentage of our remodeling business in the Twin Cities comes from repeat customers. And a big reason why? Our stringent, ‘old-school’ stance on workmanship resonates with folks around here. The truth is, whether we’re talking about Whole-House Remodeling, Basement Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, or a Home Addition,  workmanship is always top-of-mind.

We know our reputation is riding on our performance, but we also know that inexperienced homeowners can be anxious, stressed, or worried. The Initial phases of a remodel bring the process only so far (consultation, design, product selection, etc.). Once the hammers start swinging… it’s time to trust us, and we ALWAYS come through. 

  • Additions look seamless.
  • The painting is flawless.
  • Everything works properly.
  • All the products are high-quality.
  • Your ideas are incorporated.
  • Each final touch is as it should be.

No shoddy work. No missed details. No timeline disasters. No cut-rate materials. No pop-up issues swept under the rug. And what’s more, we don’t keep you in the dark. Everyone on the Executive Remodeling team is available for you to ask as many questions as you like — especially your Project Manager.

Why is our workmanship spot-on, detailed, and refined? Why don’t we cut corners like many other Minneapolis design-build firms, even when no one’s looking?  Because we LOVE designing & building remodeling masterpieces for our customers.

Consider this kitchen remodel in the image below, which you can see in our Kitchen Remodeling Gallery. When we look at it, while it might not be a large ultra-luxurious magazine-cover-worthy space, we see a true labor of love.

Executive Remodeling Kitchen Remodel Minneapolis Polished Workmanship

With hundreds upon hundreds of finer details, we ensure each is adequately attended to in several ways.

Keeping Our Yearly Projects Manageable

Folks appreciate that we’re a smaller, tight-knit operation, so the process is much more personalized. Communication is meaningful, smooth, and consistent. Every year we aim for roughly 20-30 projects, which means each gets more than enough TLC. And unlike many other Twin Cities remodelers, we aren’t stretched thin chasing revenue.

Working With Well-Experienced, Talented Craftspeople

One of the biggest gripes in the industry revolves around homeowners being burned by the subcontractors Twin Cities design-build firms bring in to do the work. We’re very different. Head on over to our Meet The Team page and see for yourself. From management to carpentry, design to construction, we represent experienced, proven talent.

Executive Remodeling Design Build Twin Cities Basement Finish Example Minneapolis

Maintaining A Tight-Knit Collaborative Team

Something you might not see as much during your home remodeling project is how well we operate as a team behind the scenes and back at the office. We’re tight-knit and always on the same page, constantly communicating. In reality, our work family is our second family, which is why people feel like they’re working with a family company throughout our personalized process.

Below you can learn more about us and why we might be the Minneapolis design-build team you’re looking for. Or, if you’d rather, you can pick up the phone and Contact Us. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like and explore the possibilities.

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A Personalized Product Selection Process

We aren’t product salespeople. This means we don’t try to stick people with certain products, whether we’re talking about Basement Remodeling or Whole House Remodeling. Instead, we’re there to help guide you through the maze of products, using your vision and goals as the destination. We personalize product selection to ensure you fall in love with the results.

Seasoned, Well-Versed Professionalism

The pillars of our professionalism didn’t come from books. We didn’t learn how to conduct and manage these projects the easy way. Through decades of experience and hundreds upon hundreds of successful projects, we built the processes and procedures that make your experience with us as stress-free as humanly possible. You’ll enjoy our process from A to Z.

The Long-Standing Core Values That Drive Us

What’s at the heart of our company, and what drives us to execute these complex home remodeling projects across the Twin Cities so flawlessly? Core values like integrity, trustworthiness, teamwork, and a genuine commitment to customer service. While we don’t wear them on our sleeves, they’re why we come across as a professional, well-oiled machine.

Our Local Twin Cities Reputation Of Service

In truth, we likely take your experience with us more seriously than you do. We know just how important it’s going to be when all is said and done, and your home’s new space is immaculate. If you browse our Customer Reviews, you’ll see that the prime focus is how people feel step by step, from initial consults and meetings to final touches and final walkthroughs.

Realize Your Dream

Since 2005, our team of proven, experienced home renovation experts has been creating home remodeling masterpieces throughout the Twin Cities area. If you’re ready to take your home to the next level, you can trust Executive Remodeling to get you there with grace and style. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you and your family.


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