Personalized Product Selection

Our Personalized Product-Selection Approach
Ensures Your Remodeling Project…Is YOURS

We Replace “Options Overload” With Clear Guidance
And A Structured, Step-By-Step Process

One core reason our remodeling projects across the Twin Cities are so successful is that we put substantial emphasis on the product selection phase. We erase the confusion, eliminate options overload, and make the process PERSONAL. This way, you’re going to KNOW your new space, inside and out, both above and below.

Our designers will guide you through your options without restricting you to any specific choices. By focusing on communication, we take the gigantic world of products and budgets and help you refine them into a solid, workable, affordable, and stunning plan.

Here’s an example from our Kitchen Remodeling Gallery. It doesn’t show the true scope of the dining room remodel but gives you an idea of the space’s state.

Executive Remodeling Kitchen Dining Room Remodel Before Photo

They wanted to completely update the space and make it look and feel historic. Our challenge was ensuring it looked seamless and timeless, as though it had always been that way.

Our kitchen, dining room, back hall, and bathroom resulted from a series of remodels by previous owners 30-40 years prior & desperately needed to be redone. Many original elements had been removed or changed beyond recognition. We talked to architects, designers, and many contractors, asking upfront about their ability and confidence in recreating and enhancing the original details. Executive Remodeling was up to the challenge!

During the product selection process, we worked with them to design this historic space, paying close attention to each detail that would merge to make it work.

Executive Remodeling Twin Cities Dining Room Remodel South Minneapolis
  • All new custom cabinetry.
  • Custom buffet & storage.
  • New openings and windows.
  • New beam ceiling.
  • New gorgeous trim.
  • New flooring, paint, and more.

We took the essential “historic” vision and, layer by layer, added depth. As it came into focus, choices became more straightforward, and soon we had a magazine-worthy dining room and kitchen space. 

First, We Pinpoint Your Investment

Let’s say you’ve come to us for comprehensive complete-overhaul Kitchen Remodeling. Once we understand your investment, we can round up brands and product lines to show you what we think will blend well with the new layout and features.

Simultaneously, we’ll tackle the aesthetic direction based on the types of finishes you like. Your overall budget also determines your allowances along each important category, like cabinets, hardware, appliances, backsplash, countertops, flooring, lighting, and layout.

Then, We Define The General Floor Plan

Construction and renovations can constitute substantial portions of any home remodeling budget. In the example we shared above, we had to remove a wall, including the current windows, remove flooring, etc. Putting the new layout to paper and outlining the floor plan, we tied in critical systems like plumbing, electricity, coloring, flooring, fixtures, etc.

Executive Remodeling Design Build Example Floor Plan Artistic Photo

From Here, We Establish Your Expectations

Once you get your spending limits and begin shopping, the process naturally sets the bar on expectations. In other words, we start defining your wants vs. needs or must-haves. Each adjustment impacts the whole. Our designers and your spending allowances ensure these choices come together into a professional, functional, and inspired space within budget.

Our customers play a role in each detail. While we do the drafting and design, construction, and installation, you’re with us every step of the way. Your vision will come to life once everything is said and done.

Below you can learn more about us and why we might be the Minneapolis design-build team you’re looking for. Or, if you’d rather, you can pick up the phone and Contact Us. Feel free to ask as many penetrating questions as you like and explore the possibilities.

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Our Proven, Highly-Accomplished Workmanship

If you head over to our Meet The Team page, you’ll immediately notice that we bring a ton of experience to the table. So much so that we feel pretty old when we talk about it! 25 years here, 35 years there… you get the idea. And when you combine highly-accomplished experience with talented workmanship and design, you end up with dazzling, distinctive remodels every time.

Our Time-Tested, Well-Versed Professionalism

Over the decades, we’ve gotten incredibly good at managing and executing these projects and working with homeowners like you. We’re convenient. Accommodating. Friendly. Timely. And we like to have customers involved every step of the way. Expect to be treated with professionalism that comes in time over hundreds upon hundreds of successful residential remodeling projects.

The Long-Held Core Values That Drive On

At the center of why contractors do what they do, good or bad, is a set of values driving them. For Executive Remodeling, we’re driven by excellence, integrity, and trust. It’s essential that you not only fall in love with the newly designed spaces we create together but also with the process of working with us. When you browse our Customer Reviews, you’ll see folks agree!

Our Local Twin Cities Reputation Of Service

Obviously, we wouldn’t still be in business if we weren’t good at what we do. That goes without saying. But what are we really known for? Our service. We set the bar pretty high and genuinely give our customers 5-star treatment from A to Z. We listen. And we’re happy to hold your hand as much as you need to sleep peacefully at night, knowing you’re being well taken care of.

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Since 2005, our team of proven, experienced home renovation experts has been creating home remodeling masterpieces throughout the Twin Cities area. If you’re ready to take your home to the next level, you can trust Executive Remodeling to get you there with grace and style. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you and your family.


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