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Kitchen remodeling is among the most common home improvement projects across the Twin Cities. Meaning you’ve got tons of choices on how to get the work done. The question is… will the company you choose make YOUR priorities THE priority?

Our design-build firm specializes in comprehensive top-to-bottom kitchen remodeling – new construction within your home, moving kitchens, creating open floor-plan kitchens, or building Home Additions to expand kitchen areas. If we can design it, we can build it.

You spend tons of your time in the kitchen, so let’s make the space as inviting, practical, and attractive as possible. Together, we’ll design and build a space that suits your vision, routines, and goals, getting every morsel of value out of each remodeling dollar.

Executive Remodeling simplifies the process. We design your perfect kitchen with the right layout and functionality, then plan/schedule project phases and construction through a single point of contact (your Executive Remodeling Project Manager).

Learn more about our kitchen remodeling service below. Or, if you’d rather talk with one of our office staff directly and start getting some answers, we’ll be happy to give you all the time you need. Contact Us today.

What Are We Capable Of? Anything!

See What We Can Do For Your Kitchen Experience

For some Twin Cities homeowners, we’re completely updating their kitchen space – every major component and layout gets a new lease on life. For you, we might be building new kitchen spaces altogether. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll expertly develop a detailed plan and design that compliments your needs and lifestyle… then build it on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of workmanship.

From your “basic” kitchen remodel to “high-end” complete overhauls with all the bells and whistles you could hope for (visit our Kitchen Remodel Pricing page for more information), our design-build firm can genuinely make dreams come true.

  • Completely New Layout
  • New Cabinet Layout
  • New Custom Cabinetry
  • New Tile Backsplash
  • Premium Countertops
  • High-Performance Flooring
  • Large Single Or Double Sink
  • Expanded Storage Options
  • Beautiful New Fixtures
  • And Much, Much More.

Once we sit down for initial meetings, our experts and designer will see what problems you’re looking to solve. We’ll dig into the scope of what you’re looking to do and its feasibility. We’ll get inspired and nail down some of the basics of design and chat about how it’ll impact the living spaces around it. Then, step by step, you’ll see why our design-build team is so successful.

Want to know how the overall project will go? Check out our How We Work page.

Wondering about our remodeling experience? Visit the Meet Our Team page.

Curious about our industry reputation? Browse our Accreditations page.

The truth is, there’s almost nothing we can’t do both in terms of your ambitions with kitchen space and any other Whole-House Remodeling upgrades you’re interested in. Below, you can check out some of our recent kitchen projects, read real reviews from fellow Twin Cities homeowners, and more.

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Read Some Real Reviews From Our Customers

See What Local Homeowners Are Saying About Us

Peter W.

Executive Remodeling did a great job renovating our laundry room
Executive Remodeling did a great job renovating our laundry room. They improved the heating and plumbing while increasing the storage. The plan was well thought out and executed, and communicating with the team was easy.

Mike M.

Our project manager was great, all the subcontractors were great
Executive Remodeling did a full bathroom addition to our 1908-era house, including adding a foundation and crawlspace. They delivered the project on budget with no surprises. Great communication as far as what to expect each week. Our project manager was great, all the subcontractors were great, and were very respectful of coming and going from our house.

Chris O.

Very business-like and professional, meticulous planning
In the confusing world of home remodeling and contractors, the team from Executive Remodeling is a breath of fresh air. Very business-like and professional, meticulous planning and CAD design advice, excellent and responsive resources. Highly recommend!

Peter B.

We’d recommend them to anyone and already have
We used Executive Remodeling to finish our basement. As first-time homeowners with no construction experience, we couldn’t have asked for an easier process. The workmanship was incredible, everything ran on time, communication was excellent, and we couldn’t be happier. We’d recommend them to anyone and already have! We’ll definitely use them for any future projects. Thanks so much!

Brian N.

Good people to work with. I’d hire again!
I really liked working with Executive Remodeling. Their customer service was top-notch. They assigned a Project Coordinator who kept me informed of progress and promptly answered questions. They provided design experts to help me make color and product choices. The contractor work was all solid. I’ll say the project took longer than initially planned, but I wasn’t on any timetable, so it was not a factor. Good people to work with. I’d hire again!

Tom A.

I trusted Executive, and I did get what I wanted
My experience with Executive Remodeling was excellent. There was easy and regular communication between us, the team, and their subcontractors. I thought the subcontractors, electric, plumbing, tiling, flooring, and cabinets, were conscientious and knowledgeable. I knew what I wanted, and the differences in products and costs were explained and detailed. Of course, I would’ve liked to pay less, but I trusted Executive, and I did get what I wanted, so the Value for Money was justified.

What Sets Executive Remodeling Apart

Why Choose Us For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Detailed, Highly-Accomplished Workmanship

While our project galleries can help you see the detail and passion we put into kitchen remodeling, you should know it goes deeper than the surface. Every aspect of what we do in your home, from the ground up, is focused on quality. Long-lasting. High-performance. Dependable. Everything you can’t see is built to deliver value for decades to come without fail.

A Personalized Product Selection Process

When some folks work with a Twin Cities design-build firm, they want the designers to make essentially all the decisions and selections. Or, they want a limited number of choices to make it easier. At Executive Remodeling, the power is in your hands. We give you selection sheets, recommendations, suggestions, and professional insight, but the choices are yours to make.

Our Polished, Well-Versed Professionalism

Where does our particular brand of professionalism come from? Vast and varied industry experience. Whether it’s remodeling hundreds of homes, decades in kitchen remodeling, or the financial side of home remodeling, our team is at the level where personable, accommodating, world-class customer service is a given. It comes naturally. We’ve been at this a very long time.

A 5-Star Twin Cities Reputation Based On Service

As you read through our Customer Reviews, you’ll notice folks focus on two things: results and the kitchen remodeling experience. Our results speak for themselves, but the experience we give people investing in their homes is unique. Professional but passionate. We love what we do, and we’re talented! Expect to be treated respectfully by the entire Executive Remodeling team.

The Core Values That Drive Our Brand Of Excellence

Integrity | Accountability | Reliability | Teamwork | Trustworthiness

When you get down to it, the value of your kitchen remodel will come from the values of those who put the design together, get products and materials in place, and do the work. What’s their focus? With Executive, we’re upfront about what drives us and why we deeply enjoy our careers. We’ll talk about it during initial consultations so you know you’re in good, fully-qualified hands.

Twin Cities Kitchen Remodeling FAQs

Key Questions & Answers For Local Homeowners

Do You Do Kitchen Refacing Or Makeovers?

No. We focus on full kitchen remodeling and renovations, including adding new kitchens or adding onto them. As a design-build firm, we help in the process from A to Z, from initial consultations and inspirations to professional design and construction.

Do You Have A Cabinet Maker You Can Recommend?

Yes, we have an artisan cabinet maker for custom 100% wood cabinetry – meaning handcrafted to the highest quality without substandard particleboard. You’ll meet with them and nail down specifics like the type of wood you want your cabinets to be made of (oak, maple, cherry, birch, knotty alder, etc.), the new layout, new styles, hardware, etc.

How Long Will My Kitchen Remodel Take?

Of course, everyone wants to know this upfront to help them plan ahead. The bottom line is that these complex projects take time, especially when we’re doing things like taking out/constructing walls, rearranging the layout, and having new cabinetry built. And let’s not forget about the inevitable ‘issues’ that’ll pop up or potential change orders you might make along the way. The good news is we’re very procedure-oriented and are incredibly successful at getting projects done according to set and agreed-upon timelines.

How Much Will My Kitchen Remodel Cost?

For an idea, please head over to our Kitchen Remodel Pricing page. Those are rough estimates to help you START to get an idea of the costs involved in quality design-build work. Each project is unique, and no two ever run the same budgets. There are minimum amounts, however, for each element. For example, quality countertops don’t come cheap. Neither does custom cabinetry, installing new flooring, or rearranging a layout.

What Can I Do To Help The Initial Design Process?

The best thing you can do is just head online and start getting an idea of what you do and don’t like for each major section of the kitchen – layout, counter space and countertops, lighting and fixtures, backsplash, storage and cabinetry, flooring, windows, etc. There’s a world of choices for each element, but don’t worry, our design-build firm will guide the way.

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Since 2005, our team of proven, experienced home renovation experts has been creating home remodeling masterpieces throughout the Twin Cities area. If you’re ready to take your home to the next level, you can trust Executive Remodeling to get you there with grace and style. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you and your family.


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