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When you choose a design-build firm over a conventional remodeler here in the Twin Cities, you’ re opting for a much more convenient process. At Executive Remodeling, we believe the experience should also be personalized, educational, and expertly managed.

We’re friendly but business-like. Timely but detailed. Procedural but smooth. From the first and follow-up meetings to the weeks of design and consultation before hammers begin swinging…there won’t be any surprises coming from our direction.

To give you an idea, let’s say you’ve signed contracts with us. From here, a rough timeline for the next four weeks might look like this:

Week 1

You’ll receive a selection sheet with all the selections needed for project completion. These will be made prior to scheduling the start date for construction.

Week 2

A weeks later, your Design Consultant will meet with the Project Manager assigned to your project at your home to go through the complete scope of work.

Week 3

Your Project Manager will arrange visits with the trades that need to review the building project. You’ll be notified when they’re scheduled to be at your home.

Week 4

For kitchen remodels with new cabinets, you’ll meet with our custom cabinet maker to discuss the layout, wood species, and door styles you’re interested in.

The Journey From First Handshakes…
To Final Walkthroughs With Executive Remodeling

How We Provide Immaculate Personalized Results
And A Professional A-To-Z Experience

Let’s look at the core experience of working with us to transform your home via the design-build process. It’s precisely what you’d expect in a general sense, but we’re keeping this rundown simple. There’s plenty involved, so if you’re interested, dig deeper through the links below.

Executive Remodeling Design Build Process Initial Introductions

Initial Introductions

Friendly, Responsive & Focused On You

While we have our share of repeat customers and referrals, many folks find us online and give us a call or email. It’s where we go through initial introductions and answer any questions you might have about our process and how we can help you. They’re an essential part of the process where we get an idea of the absolute basics of your project goals and where you’re coming from.

Executive Remodeling Design Build Process Discovery Viability

Discovery & Viability

Your Goals, Budgeting & Timeline

Few people have a really solid grasp of what residential remodeling costs here in the Twin Cities area. And that’s okay. So, once we verify you’re in our service area, we’ll look at how well your remodeling goals mesh with budgeting & timelines. For example, we CAN perform a Kitchen Remodeling miracle, but we need the proper products, materials, talent, and time to pull it off.

Executive Remodeling Design Build Process Pre Estimate Consultation


On-Site Investigation & Education

This is where we’ll visit your home, and you’ll sit down with a small Executive Remodeling team. We’ll get all the measurements/pics we need and usually take about 60 to 90 minutes going through the finer details with you – how we work, our credentials, your remodeling goals, initial budgeting and design concepts, etc. Then, we’ll bring you a formal estimate within a week.

Executive Remodeling Design Build Process Design Phase

The Design Phase

Selections, Guidance & Vision-Refinement

After signing contracts, you’ll get selection sheets and spending allowances. We don’t force you into choosing certain things but are there more as your guide. Your Executive Remodeling designer will be there to help with coloring, matching products, and expanding on initial concepts to build gorgeous, functional spaces. You’ll love how personalized our product selection process is.

Executive Remodeling Design Build Process Well Managed Construction

Well-Managed Construction Begins

Based On Rock-Solid Plans & Preparation

By the time construction begins, we’ll have a clear timeline on the table. We’ll be ultra-prepared, and every aspect of the project will be planned down to the finest details. All permitting and coding will be ironed out, and you’ll know exactly what to expect. Day in and day out, you’ll have a team and project manager at your disposal to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Read Some Of Our 5-Star Reviews
From Local Twin Cities Families

Samantha M.

We’d recommend them to anyone, and we already have!
We used Executive Remodeling to finish our basement. As first-time homeowners without construction experience, we couldn’t have asked for an easier process. The workmanship was incredible, everything ran on time, communication was excellent, and we couldn’t be happier with the end product. We’d recommend them to anyone, and we already have! We’ll definitely use them for any future projects that come up. Thanks so much to the whole team!

Chris O.

Executive Remodeling team is a breath of fresh air
In the confusing world of home remodeling and contractors, the Executive Remodeling team is a breath of fresh air. Very business-like, professional, meticulous planning and CAD design advice, and excellent and responsive resources. Highly recommend!


Executive Remodeling did an amazing job. They were so professiona
We had our basement remodeled and added a bathroom and shower. Executive Remodeling did an amazing job. They were so professional and easy to work with. They had great communication throughout the project. And to top off the great experience, everything was done on time. Highly recommended. They’re a great team of people to work with.

Jayne A.

I met with four other companies but chose Executive Remodeling
Very positive experience! I met with four other companies but chose Executive Remodeling, whose proposal was professional and direct. Their initial estimate felt appropriate and remained so. The two things I appreciated most were quick responses to emails/calls, and they provided a weekly schedule of the workers, who were all professional, timely, and respectful. I’m absolutely delighted with my beautiful new kitchen, pantry, and front closet.

Catherine R.

Executive Remodeling was supportive at every step
We began with large goals: empty the basement for draintile and re-install what was taken out. Water from spring melts would enter the family room every spring, and we needed to preserve the investment in our nearly 100-year-old house. Executive Remodeling was supportive at every step. Their optimism and "can do" attitude were helpful as we discovered a crack in a weight-bearing beam and wiring complications. We have great confidence in their craftsmen. We even added a new garden window to the kitchen upstairs, knowing we could trust them. We sleep well knowing our wiring is up to code, and we enjoy a great deal of natural light in the basement because of their work.

David W.

I couldn’t be happier with how Executive Remodeling took care of our house
The finished house is better and far exceeded what we originally planned. Their ideas and execution were top-notch. Suggestions to change flooring and cabinets turned out fantastic. Suggestions weren’t pushy–choices were ours to make. They took care of a few details we overlooked, and they’ve been wonderful to work with. I couldn't be happier with how Executive Remodeling took care of our house. Not painful at all

FAQs Concerning Our Remodeling Process

Important Questions & Answers For Twin Cities Homeowners

Can I Count On You To Address ‘Pop-up’ Issues?

Absolutely. Surprises and issues always bubble to the surface of every residential remodeling project. It’s the nature of our universe. Your Executive Remodeling team will handle them quickly and professionally; you’ll always be part of this process. We’ll alert you to the situation, discuss solutions, manage everything seamlessly, and get it solved in a timely manner.

How Long Will My Remodeling Project Take?

This is a basic question we’ll tackle with you early on in the process. We must understand your timeline and how it fits into our upcoming project schedule. Then, before construction begins, you’ll have a concrete plan by which we’ll operate. Do scheduling issues change things from time to time? Yes. It happens, but we take steps to ensure projects finish when they should.

How Much Residential Remodeling Experience Do You Have?

So much that we hesitate to get specific about our experience because it makes us feel old! Cumulatively, it’s a rather large span of time. Each professional on our team brings proven, well-tested, and demonstrated expertise you’ll see the first time we meet.

What Kind Of Pricing Should I Expect?

No matter the project we’re discussing, we’re not a “cheap & easy” design-build firm. Our focus is quality and executing residential remodeling projects that last, make statements, and everyone involved can be PROUD of. The good news is that we’re genuine, upfront, and transparent, and you’ll understand exactly where your investment goes from day to day.

What’s The #1 Benefit Of A Design-Build Firm?

Access to seasoned talent. When you choose us, you’re working with a team of professionals that would be almost impossible to assemble yourself. To get an idea, check out the Meet Our Team page. You don’t have to find, vet, and hire a talented architect, interior designer, carpenter, construction crew, project manager, etc., and then “conduct” the project from A to Z yourself.

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