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Similar to Whole-House Remodeling, additions are an option Twin Cities homeowners often choose because they don’t want to move. Families have outgrown the space, or their lifestyle has evolved and requires more functionality, but they love it here! An addition makes it possible to expand your square space and provide more living space…without needing to leave home.

A core consideration: Home additions, of all the remodeling projects, tend to be the most complex and expensive. However, in nearly every case, budgeting concerns are lower on the totem pole than functionality, aesthetic design, and expanding the floorplan.

What matters to the homeowners we work with is our high-quality, reliable workmanship and the procedural nature of our design-build approach. The additions we do are seamless (like they’ve always been there), work well with the rest of the home, and are completely up to code.

Below, you can learn more about the common types of home additions in the Twin Cities, learn more about us, see some project photos, dig into some of our reviews, and more. If you’re ready to chat directly with our office, don’t hesitate to call or reach out through our Contact Us form.

Common Twin Cities Home Additions

Where Our Design-Build Approach Makes All The Difference

A home addition is any structure that’s built outside the original footprint of your home. As such, these are the projects where we call in highly-skilled architects and engineers to ENSURE the new structure conforms to all local codes and ordinances, depending on where you are in the Twin Cities.

What additions are we capable of custom building? Anything. Over the years, we’ve worked on a variety of the more common types of additions, along with far more customized and personalized one-offs. For example, we built out a new kitchen addition beside a family’s current kitchen. The bottom line is if it can be designed and it’s up to code, we can build it.

Let’s look at the most common types we come across as a trusted Twin Cities design-build firm.  

Adding A Room

Of course, add a room and enjoy the new square space that way. Whether you plan on selling soon or don’t want to move at all, considerations must be made. What kind of room, how big will it be, and where will it be located? New bathroom? New bedroom for the kids? New home office? We can do anything, and we’ll see to it that every decision makes sense across the board.

The Common Bump Out – Micro Addition

Bump outs are relatively small square space increases. Generally, they’re typically between two and fifteen feet deep because once you go bigger, you need more support structures. And sure, while at first glance, 3 or 6 feet doesn’t sound like much, they offer a lot of bang for your remodeling buck! Our designers will help you completely maximize and personalize the space.

The Classic Sunroom / Four-Season Room

These are bright, open spaces with gorgeous views and tons of aesthetic features from top to bottom. They’re usually built onto the back/side of the home and require extensive structural work – foundation, framing, roofing, siding, windows, doors, HVAC (making it a four-season Room), etc. Our goal is to match it with your needs perfectly, within code, and deliver on time. 

A Complete Garage Conversion

Have a covered garage area sitting there waiting to be utilized? Why not convert it into the comfortable new living space you’re looking for? It makes sense for many Twin Cities families. There’s almost no end to the potential and what we could design-build together. Head over to the Meet Our Team page to learn more about the expertise we bring to every home addition project. 

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A Sampling Of Our 5-Star Customer Reviews

Read What Local Homeowners Say About Our Results & Process

Stephanie F.

We loved the cabinet maker they recommended
We’re so thrilled with Executive Remodeling’s work renovating our dining room, kitchen, hallway, and main floor bathroom. Our project manager was onsite or on call to handle everyone with immediate problem-solving and a calm presence. We loved the cabinet maker they recommended, and the trim carpenter was second to none. We can't wait for indoor entertaining to once again be a thing we enjoy!

Sarah H.

We would recommend them to anyone for a bathroom!
Working with Executive Remodeling was a great experience. As a first-time home remodeler, I was overwhelmed with all the details of my full bathroom remodel and had no idea where to start. The team, especially the designer, was very helpful, patient, and responsive to all communication. Overall, I’m very happy with the final results and would recommend them to anyone for a bathroom!

Laura S.

I can’t recommend Executive Remodeling highly enough!
I can't recommend Executive Remodeling highly enough! From start to finish, they were responsive, communicative, and very easy to work with. They built a bathroom addition for us and stayed on budget and timeline. All of the people they brought in were also kind, competent, and efficient. The team went out of their way to ensure everything went smoothly and the project turned out great!

William F.

I highly recommend Executive Remodeling.
Executive Remodeling was excellent. Workmanship was very good. We had a new roof and gutters installed after hail damage. They brought selections of colors and styles to our house and helped deal with the insurance company to make the process simple. They finished on time and professionally cleaned up. I highly recommend Executive Remodeling.

John S.

We felt like we were treated with honesty and integrity
After meeting several contractors to build our dream home addition, my wife and I chose Executive Remodeling because of their honesty, experience, and straightforward approach to planning and executing our project. The team was easy to work with and always responsive. We felt like we were treated with honesty and integrity and got incredible value for our investment. We love our upgraded home!

Kelley B.

The Executive remodeling team is very professional
The Executive remodeling team is very professional and communicative and delivered high-quality work. They’re great to work with and did an amazing job adding a third bathroom addition and creating a master suite.

What Sets Executive Apart

Why Choose Us For Your Whole-House Remodeling

Detailed, Highly-Accomplished Workmanship

Home additions are some of the most complex remodeling projects possible in the Twin Cities, requiring an architect and engineer, and local codes come into play, etc. So, workmanship is arguably MORE important. Our design-build approach ensures every detail is perfect, step by step, layer by layer, until you end up with a new, beautiful, functional, and seamless addition.

A Personalized Product Selection Process

No matter what kind of home addition you’re interested in, there are plenty of product and material selections to be made. Rather than trying to force you into anything or ask you to choose from our own list, we give you complete freedom. We’re there for professional guidance, but the choice is yours. This helps us personalize the space to you and your needs/preferences.

Our Time-Tested, Well-Versed Professionalism

Professionalism is a common word. What does it mean for Twin Cities homeowners who trust us to build a flawless addition? It means there’s no sloppiness, no inconsiderate behavior, and a procedural but personable process. Our specific brand comes from our vast and varied experience in the residential construction field and our deep-seated joy in what we do.

Our Local 5-Star Twin Cities Reputation For Service

What do homeowners have to say about us? What themes do our past customers focus on? It comes down to our results, of course, and our process. From initial meetings and consultations to design, demolition, and construction, we make the investment of getting an addition safer. It’s also a more pleasant day-to-day experience with our firm than your average general contractor.

The Core Values That Drive Our Brand Of Excellence

Integrity | Accountability | Reliability | Teamwork | Trustworthiness

When all is said and done, and your new home addition looks like it’s always been there, you’ll know that value-driven people did the work. You’ll see the teamwork, reliability, and accountability in everything we do. Executive Remodeling is a tight-knit company of professionals that genuinely CARE. We’re laser-focused on completing remodels that everyone can be proud of!

Home Additions FAQs

Important Questions & Answers To Consider

Can I Count On My Addition Being Up To Code?

Without question, yes. We’re well-experienced in Twin Cities residential construction and remodeling. As mentioned above, with additions that go outside the current frame of your home, we’ll be bringing in an architect and engineer. Every code will be carefully considered and accommodated. Every city law and ordinance abided by so that you’ve got nothing to worry about structurally, functionally, and financially when it comes to our work.

How Do Additions Differ From Whole-House Remodeling?

Generally, whole-house remodeling involves the interior of your current home – dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, basement, etc. And this can include opening things up or adding new rooms. Once we go “outside the box” of your house, we get an architect involved, and the city has a list of requirements we must accommodate.

How Much Should I Expect To Budget For My Addition?

Until we can pinpoint some key details related to project size & scope, we can’t even come close to answering that question. Additions are a completely different kind of project than updating your home’s interior. Once we have a chance to sit down and chat during initial consultations, we’ll be able to give you a round figure at first, then dial in and get more refined as we put together a professional design quote.

What’s The Range In Addition Size You Normally Do?

We’ve done everything from a 6-foot by 18-foot addition (roughly 110 square feet) to add kitchen space to their current kitchen to completely adding a second story on an 1100 square-foot home. That one included tearing off the roof, basically gutting the 1st floor for a complete reconfiguration, adding a staircase, etc. Even on the smaller side, we had to bring in an architect/engineer, excavation, and on and on. Smaller doesn’t always mean less complex.

Will You Help Ensure I Get The Most Value?

Yes, and it’s likely by value, you mean both personal/functional value as well as monetary. If ROI is a major concern (this is often not the case), our design team will help you approach the addition from the standpoint of resale. So, we’ll want to make sure it fits your Twin Cities neighborhood and makes sense with the rest of the house. On the other side of the coin, we’ll help you maximize the new expanded space we’re building to suit your needs and preferences.

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