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When we dynamically remodel the interior of your Twin Cities home (anything built onto or outside is a Home Addition), we call this Whole-House Remodeling. The range of these projects is VAST and can involve every room/system in your home’s current footprint. Our design-build approach streamlines the process, which would be a tremendous undertaking for a family to try and get right on their own working with a host of general contractors.

The Goal: Essentially, to deliver a brand new interior home experience so you don’t have to leave the Twin Cities area you love. Anything you’d want in a new home can be built right where you’re at, all up to code, within budget, and on scheduled time. 

Where To Start

To get a more in-depth look at our process, please check out How We Work. For us, your journey begins with our initial meetings and consultations. This is where we sit down and start dialing in on the scope of your remodeling project, including, but not limited to:

  • Your overall, overarching remodeling goals.
  • Your visions for your major living spaces.
  • Problems and issues you’re looking to solve.
  • Your personality, wants, needs, and lifestyle.
  • The facts/figures involved in your home’s structure.

Whether you have a rock-solid idea of what you want done or not, we’ll nail down specifics to the point where we can bring you a professional, detailed, line-by-line quote. What’s important is that throughout this initial part of the process, you’ll get the education, insight, recommendations, and suggestions you need.

Below, you can read a bit more about what we’re capable of, browse some project photos from our galleries, learn more about our company (be sure to visit the Meet Our Team page), check out some recent reviews from Twin Cities homeowners, and more. If at any time you’d rather chat with us directly, simply give us a call or use the Contact Us form on our website. Thanks!

What Whole-House Remodeling Projects Do We Handle?

If We Can Design It Up To Code, We Can Build It

Put simply, we’ve done just about everything there is to do within the shell of a Twin Cities home. From reconfiguring and opening up the layouts to building a completely new home inside with new master bedrooms, bathrooms, a home office, etc. As we like to say, as long as it’s code-compliant and we can design it, we can build it.

This leaves the door wide open for you to express yourself!

Core Elements Of Whole-House Remodels

With these types of projects, the sky’s really the limit, and we can do just about anything and everything you could imagine. That being said, let’s look at some of the core elements to consider. They go in a general order to help you envision the process, but each project is unique. 


First, it’s out with the old before we can come in and build the new. Demolition is part of every whole-house remodel, it’s just a matter of how much rebuilding is going to take place. Maybe some walls are coming down, or maybe we’re gutting the whole first floor.


After demolition has done its work, the rebuilding process will begin in a layered fashion. First, this is installed, then this trade comes in and installs X, then this trade comes and does X, and so on. It’s all very procedural, depending on the extent/scope of the remodel.


Once the structure or skeleton of your home’s new interior has been built, it’s time to tackle utilities. We may be rewiring the whole house, updating systems – plumbing, HVAC, etc. Again, this can be rather complex, depending on the nature of your remodel.

Walls & Flooring

Walls are insulated, then comes drywall and everything that involves. From here, they may be painted and finished before installing flooring or after, depending on the situation. You’re going to get excited seeing the new flooring you chose being flawlessly installed.


During the design phase of the project, you’ll choose custom cabinetry and storage systems for places like the kitchen and bathrooms. You’ll see these being installed, and by this time, the vision of your new home should be coming into view or taking shape.


As appliances start to be installed, it means your new home experience is becoming functional – fridges, fixtures, washer & dryer, sinks, stoves, and so on. Or, maybe you opted to keep some of the originals, which are being installed in their new areas.

Final Design Touches

There are going to be final touches/details to take care of before all is said and done (paint touch-ups, wallpaper, the kitchen backsplash tile work, etc.), and then clean up. At Executive Remodeling, we bring in a professional service to handle cleaning the space.

Now that you have a better idea of the components in Twin Cities whole-house remodeling, the next step is to reach out to our team and set up an initial meeting. Our professional expertise, insights, and recommendations will be invaluable whether you choose to work with us or not.

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Real Reviews From Our Twin Cities Customers

See What Fellow Homeowners Are Saying About Us

Sari R.

They did a wonderful job, and we’re so pleased.
We used Executive Remodeling to make extensive improvements to our new home. They did a wonderful job, and we’re so pleased. The quality of their workmanship is incredible. They were very responsive to our change orders. Their communication was outstanding. We weren’t surprised by any issues, as they were great at keeping us in the loop. Most importantly, they were dependable and completed in record time. Having worked with many contractors throughout our lives, we’d definitely hire again.

Kelley B.

The Executive remodeling team is very professional
The Executive remodeling team is very professional and communicative and delivered high-quality work. They’re great to work with and did an amazing job adding a third bathroom addition and creating a master suite.

Stacy C.

We love our upgraded home!
After meeting several contractors to build our dream home addition, we chose Executive Remodeling because of their honesty, experience, and straightforward approach to planning and executing our project. The team was easy to work with and always responsive. We felt like we were treated with honesty and integrity and got incredible value for our investment. We love our upgraded home!

John S.

My wife and I highly recommend them!
The team was available, easy to work with, and very responsive to our questions and concerns. They helped us refine our initial vision, and ultimately, we were delighted with the result. Best of all, they were honest and showed integrity. When mistakes were made, they owned and corrected them to our satisfaction. My wife and I highly recommend them!

Samantha M.

We’ll definitely use them for future projects.
We used Executive Remodeling to finish our basement. As first-time homeowners with no construction experience, we couldn’t have asked for an easier process. The workmanship was incredible, everything ran on time, communication was excellent, and we couldn’t be happier with the end product. We’d recommend them to anyone, and we already have! We’ll definitely use them for future projects. Thanks so much!

Sara & Jed S.

I’d highly recommend them. They’re a great team to work with.
We had our basement remodeled and added a bathroom and shower. Executive Remodeling did an amazing job. They were professional and easy to work with. Great communication throughout the project. And to top off the great experience everything was done on time. I’d highly recommend them. They’re a great team to work with.

What Sets Executive Apart

Why Choose Us For Your Whole-House Remodeling

Masterful Magazine-Worthy Workmanship

A primary reason folks in the Twin Cities choose to work with a design-build firm like ours is they don’t want to have to worry about shoddy workmanship (the most common complaint among homeowners in the U.S.). With our team, you can sleep easy knowing that every aesthetic, structural, and supportive detail has been addressed and polished professionally from A to Z.

Our Personalized Product Selection Process

Part of the joy of our design-build process is getting your selection sheets and allowances. The freedom is yours to choose. We don’t force any specific products or materials on you, nor do we try to make you choose from our own list. Instead, our experienced insight, recommendations, and suggestions will be there to help guide you and keep everything feasible and within budget.

Versatile, Well-Versed Professionalism

We cordially invite you to visit the Meet Our Team page. On it, you can learn some of the basics in terms of where we come from and the amount of vast, versatile experience we’ll be applying to your whole-house remodeling project. This is primarily where our brand of professionalism comes from. Expect to be treated right and for your project to be given the TLC it deserves.

Our Local Twin Cities Reputation For 5-Star Service

The two most prominent themes in our customer reviews from folks across the Twin Cities are the relief we provide through workmanship and an appreciation for our process. It’s personable! Professional but pleasant. Systematized and procedural, but smooth. We take customer service seriously because we know it’s a reflection of who we are as a company.

The Core Values That Drive Our Brand Of Excellence

Integrity | Accountability | Reliability | Teamwork | Trustworthiness

There are tons of questions to ask any design-build firm before signing any dotted lines. But, we believe the most important should revolve around their values. Right? Do they work hard to earn and keep your trust? Do they work fluidly and efficiently as a team? Do they hold themselves accountable, and are they reliable? At Executive Remodeling, we demonstrate our values in every project.

Whole-House Remodeling FAQs

Important Questions & Answers To Consider

Are There Any Limits To What You Can Do?

On a very extreme level, sure, we don’t want to tell you we can give you the moon and stars on a silver platter. That said, the only concrete limit to what we can do for you is your budget. Often, though, projects are less focused on costs and more location-driven. Meaning building that forever home within your current space rather than moving. In this context, the question is, “What’s possible within the shell of my current home?

How Much Design Help Can I Expect?

Because with these projects, we’re essentially touching everything within your home, the list of selections can be extensive. The good news is we’re extremely well-accustomed to these projects and have a seasoned approach. Expect us to provide professional insights, suggestions, recommendations, and expert guidance at every step. Together with our team, we’ll get each detail and final touch right and build something everyone involved can be proud of.

How Much Do Whole-House Remodeling Projects Usually Cost?

A VERY general range would be $400,000 and up. But within a year or five or ten from now, those numbers will likely change. One of the core benefits to working with a design-build team like Executive Remodeling for complex, large-scope residential projects like these is we detail and define everything in terms of both costs and design. Systematic. Well-managed. Personalized service.

What’s A Minimum Timeline For My Project?

It’s safe to assume a whole-house remodeling project with our design-build firm is going to take six to eight months. Do we get them done faster? It does happen, but timelines don’t honestly differ by that much. Each layer or stage of the project takes a certain amount of time, and everything is scheduled beforehand. And we have a great track record in terms of finishing within agreed-upon timeframes. Not down to the minute, but very close.

What’s The Most Common Whole-House Remodeling Goal?

For us, here in the Twin Cities region, we’re most often reconfiguring some core space within the house to add space. For example, a two-story house project where on the first floor, we took out two walls and moved a kitchen from one side to the other to completely open it up…while on the second, we added a bedroom and bathroom (including all new decorative elements). The goal is often to get a “new home” without actually leaving the area you’re in.

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