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Focus On Educating Twin City Homeowners

Information Gathering Followed By Professional Remodeling
Insight, Recommendations, And Guidance

Twin Cities residential remodeling, when done properly with professional design-build finesse, involves a lot of communication. Lots and lots. It typically begins with a “discovery call or email” and moves into initial meetings and consultations. From there, you’ll be constantly going back and forth with your Project Manager and different team members, trades, etc.

Where we differ, and what folks tend to notice right away, is our honesty, procedural approach, and focus on personalization.

There are a few examples of our customer reviews on this page, but when you browse a hundred of them or so through our Reviews Page, you’ll see how successful our approach to communication is.

Common themes include:

  • Suggestions are helpful, not pushy.
  • Always friendly and responsive.
  • Great at putting together ideas.
  • Very patient and accommodating.
  • Extensive knowledge & experience.
  • In touch daily with progress reports.

All this communication ensures a smooth, like-clockwork project and a much better overall experience for everyone involved. For now, let’s focus on the first two meetings we’ll set up so you have a better understanding of what to expect. If you’d rather chat with us directly today, feel free to reach out and Contact Us.

What To Expect During Your
Initial Design-Build Consultations

Our First Meeting

Where We Iron Out Your Project’s Core Details

After we’ve had a chance to chat, we’ll schedule a time to sit down with you at your home to review the building/remodeling project you’re contemplating with much more depth. During this meeting, we’ll gather lots of pertinent details regarding your wants and needs and take plenty of pictures and measurements to give you an accurate quote.

Before this meeting, you’ll receive a packet from us containing important information like our license and insurance, along with a “What To Expect” timeline so you begin getting an idea of our process. We’ll also send you some before & afters from projects we’ve done similar to yours – Kitchen Remodeling, Basement Remodeling, Whole-House Remodeling, etc.

Executive Remodeling Consultations What To Expect Design Build Bedroom Remodel
  • Lasts roughly 60-90 minutes.
  • The focus is your initial goals.
  • Address realities & challenges.
  • Educating you on costs.

The goal here is complete enlightenment, both in terms of financial commitment and the facts of the situation. We want to know what we’re getting into. And we want you to FULLY understand what you’re investing in as well.

An example:

I want a gorgeous new bedroom built in my basement.

Great! What if getting an egress window in there is far more difficult than expected? Or, did you know in certain cities within the greater Twin Cities area, this window must  be a specific number of feet from the property line? During our meeting, we’ll look to define these issues and address each challenge, each barrier, and each variable to find a workable, doable solution that meets city requirements.

Will I Get An Estimate At This Meeting?

While we’ll definitely look at the realistic costs involved in your remodeling goals, other than generalities, it’s best to wait until we’ve had a chance to take the measurements, imagery, and data back to our office to produce a professional design-build estimate. Is it free? You bet.

Our First Follow-Up Meeting

Where We Present & Discuss Our Plans/Estimate

Within a week of the initial meeting, we’ll follow up to schedule another to present our detailed plans and estimate. This includes a line-by-line breakdown of the work involved and allowances for product selections. For example, let’s imagine you’re interested in a Home Addition.

Executive Remodeling Design Build Process Home Addition Example

Real costs tend to be a bit higher than folks assume, especially for additions. This means a custom one-off structure (removing lower prices of mass production involving economies of scale) that requires excavation, a cement slab foundation, building construction, roofing, siding, windows, doors, HVAC, electricity, etc.

And aside from labor, these trades don’t come cheap when you need seasoned talent to do the work for a custom one-off project.

  • Lasts roughly 30-90 minutes.
  • A focus on answering questions.
  • Address realities & challenges.
  • More education on costs.

Assuming real costs and the project itself are doable, from here, you’re likely to begin asking a variety of buying questions. You’ll want to know more about our process and the potential project timeline. You’ll be curious about selections and how to go about making them. No matter how granular you want to get, we’ll use this time to give you as much information as you can handle.

Once the meeting wraps up, we’ll shake your hand, thank you for your time, and leave you to consider our estimate–including any changes we made with you–in your own time. To learn more about how we work in general and the other project phases, visit the pages linked below.

How We Work

The Consultation Phase

The Design Phase

The Construction Phase

Read Some Of Our Genuine Reviews
From Local Twin Cities Homeowners

Brian N.

I really liked working with Executive Remodeling
I really liked working with Executive Remodeling. Their customer service was top-notch. They assigned a Project Coordinator to my remodel... and he kept me informed of progress and promptly answered questions. They provide design experts to help make color and product choices, which really helped. The contractor work was all solid. I’ll say the project took longer than initially planned, but I wasn’t on any timetable, so it wasn’t a factor for me. Good people to work with!

William F.

Excellent. Prompt and great workmanship
Excellent. Prompt and great workmanship. Very little disruption to our routine, and they cleaned up professionally. Handled the dealings with the insurance company as repair was caused by hail damage. This made the whole process easy. They also brought all the samples to our house for selection which was very efficient for us. Highly recommend Executive Remodeling.

Jackie R.

Excellent company to work with. The scheduling was well-coordinated
Excellent company to work with. The scheduling was well-coordinated, the contractors were excellent, and the kitchen turned out absolutely beautiful. Couldn’t have asked for a better Twin Cities design-build company to work with.

Karen A.

All the trades were professional, cleaned up well, and courteous
Our experience from the very beginning was positive. Everyone was great to work with. They gave us great advice, taking our dreams forward to what was doable. All the trades were professional, cleaned up well, and courteous. They finished within our budget, and we’d heartily recommend them to others!

Linda H.

I’d HIGHLY recommend Executive Remodeling.
They took an old basement and turned it into an awesome living space with a bedroom, bathroom, and family room. They were great to work with. At every step of the process, they offered us multiple options, so we were able to pick the one that best fit our needs and budget. Very honest. I’m getting ready to have them do a screened-in patio this spring. I’d HIGHLY recommend Executive Remodeling.

Ben K.

Highly recommended. Executive Remodeling renovated my kitchen
Highly recommended. Executive Remodeling renovated my kitchen. I interviewed a few contractors and was frustrated because they quoted prices higher than I wanted. Executive’s designer came to our house and talked to us. She provided a quote within a day or two. When I saw it was nearly 20% less expensive, I was skeptical, but it broke the price down for allowances and such. She walked us through paperwork and helped us pick materials. She was attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful. The final price was almost identical to the original.

FAQs Concerning Project Viability

Important Questions & Answers For Twin Cities Homeowners

Do I Need To Worry About Sales Or Sales Tactics?

No. If you’ve got a great project, we’d love to be part of that journey, but we don’t use any “sales” tactics. And we don’t try and force people to choose any certain products or materials either. We focus on providing plenty of professional recommendations. Are there suppliers we know and trust and can suggest if you’re asking for help? Sure. Otherwise, we let you freely make your own choices.

How Do We Keep My Ambitions Within Budget?

Primarily through your selection sheet. It’s a basic thing but also a powerful tool when you attach spending allowances to each selection. Do folks change their mind on certain elements and choose things that are lower or higher than recommended? Sure! In these cases, every penny is accounted for, and you’re part of the process leading up to construction, step by step.

What If I Don’t Know What I Want?

Honestly, it’s rare for folks to have a specific, detailed idea of what they’re looking to accomplish. What we usually get are very general, basic concepts or wants/needs. For example, you want to update your kitchen and modernize the living room/kitchen layout to be more open because you need more space. Sounds great! We’ll be there to help you really dig into this need, understand the options and everything involved, and make selections.

What If My Project Isn’t Doable?

We work hard to find alternatives and make challenging remodels happen. Because the truth is, there’s always a solution. Always. Compromises and some changes might need to be made, but there’s a way. It comes down to these three things: budgeting, coding restrictions, and timeline.

Who Will Be Working On My Remodeling Project?

The Executive Remodeling design-build team and the trades we bring in to get the work done. We know our tradespeople well and, in almost every case, have worked with them for years.

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Since 2005, our team of proven, experienced home renovation experts has been creating home remodeling masterpieces throughout the Twin Cities area. If you’re ready to take your home to the next level, you can trust Executive Remodeling to get you there with grace and style. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you and your family.


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