Benefits Of The Design-Build Whole-House Remodeling Process

Benefits Of The Design-Build Whole-House Remodeling Process

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Are you interested in Whole-House Remodeling here in the Twin Cities? Before you pick up a hammer and go it alone or with friends or an inexperienced contractor, consider the following six benefits of our professional design-build process.

Who are we? Executive Remodeling – your local home remodeling firm based out of St. Louis Park. We’ve served the area with distinction for many years, transforming interior spaces in every way you can imagine. Let’s dive right in.

Benefit 1: You Get The New Home of Your Dreams

One of the most common reasons folks hire us to take on their whole-house remodeling project is because they don’t want to move from a Twin Cities area they love. Whole-house remodeling allows us to build anything you would want in a new home so you can stay put.

As you go through our initial Consultations and Design phases, you’ll be able to work with our team to put together a rock-solid, detailed, line-by-line plan.

Every room will be detailed. Every feature is outlined. Every material and product selection is made carefully. Together, we’ll maximize the value you get from each remodeling dollar to get the new interior home experience you’re dreaming of.

Benefit 2: Your Project Will Get Done Right… The First Time!

Because of the scale and complexity of whole-house remodeling, it’s not something to DIY. These projects tend to touch every system/room in your home, and there are so many moving parts that you NEED a seasoned, experienced team to ensure everything gets done right.

The two phases that present the most challenges are demolition and Construction.

At Executive, our design-build process is step-by-step and careful. We’re VERY process-orientated and have done MANY of these projects. We’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong and encountered every kind of issue that tends to pop up. Working with a design-build firm ensures your project is executed flawlessly from A to Z.

Benefit 3: We Save You Time

We’re EXTREMELY well organized. We keep the amount of projects we get involved in each year at a very manageable level so each gets MORE than enough TLC. Then, because our team works together like a well-oiled machine, we tend to save people time. Our projects get done on schedule, again and again, because we know everything there is to know about them.

Every step of the project is scheduled out. Furthermore, your dedicated project manager is always accessible and available to ensure everything goes smoothly. In fact, if you read through our Reviews, you’ll see that this is a core issue folks focus on – done on time, within budget!

Speaking of which…

Benefit 4: We Maximize Budget Value

Unless you’re a residential remodeling and construction expert with decades of experience, you likely have no idea of the sheer amount of products and materials involved in whole-house remodeling. The list is immense! This is why budgets for these projects tend to be rather large.

But, then again, most of our whole-house remodeling customers care less about budgets than homeowners interested in smaller projects like limited Kitchen Remodeling or Basement Remodeling. They care more about end results and quality workmanship – getting that new interior home experience. We ensure they get the absolute most value possible. 

Benefit 5: You Don’t Have To Lift a Finger

There’s no question that completely rearranging your home’s layout and dynamically changing or upgrading everything is hard work. The good news is our design-build team will handle every detail. You won’t need to lift a finger. Although most of our customers love coming to their project site (if they’re not staying at home during demo/construction) every day to see progress.

Benefit 6: We’re Insured To Cover Unexpected Issues

When it comes to whole-house remodeling projects, challenges, issues, and unexpected obstacles DO pop up. It’s the nature of the beast, so to speak. They’re unavoidable. That said, we’re fully licensed with the state of Minnesota and insured to handle things like physical injury or accidental property damage.

With Executive Remodeling, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of and the expenses will be covered. This is MUCH better than DIY projects where you’d have to pay out of pocket. You also don’t have to fret about uninsured contractors tucking tail and running.

There’s plenty more to learn. Head on over to the How We Work page to get a more in-depth review of the process.

Want To Learn More About Us?

Consider Executive Remodeling An Open Book

If the design-build process is of interest to you and you’d like to learn more about us, don’t hesitate. You can either pick up your phone and give us a call or use our website’s easy Contact Us form. We’ll be happy to fill you in, answer questions, and address any concerns you might have. From there, if we’re a good fit, we can schedule an initial sit-down with our team.

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