We Manage Twin Cities Design-Build Projects
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Step By Step, Layer By Layer, Professional Scheduling And
Project Management Ensures Smooth Construction

Most homeowners we work with are a bit nervous about the construction phase of their design-build project. It’s only natural. Distinct, dramatic statement-making changes to your living spaces should stir up some butterflies in your stomach. As your design-build team, we feel like conductors or maestros, and it gets us excited, too.

Together, you and our team have written a song (your project plan), and now we’re the ones who will bring talented people together to play it – the music of Twin Cities remodeling. After demolition and construction, we move to the different installations and refinements, like those you see in this example photo from our Kitchen Remodeling Gallery.

Executive Remodeling Construction Page Example Kitchen Remodel

On this page, we’d like to share some of the basics of the process with you, so if you’ve never been through it, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect. Or, if you have more penetrating questions or would like to chat with us directly about our process today, don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us. We’re happy to get acquainted.

Construction Phase: The Basics

What To Expect When The Process Begins

It doesn’t matter how systematic, secure, and professional our process is leading up to the big day when construction kicks off…you’re probably going to be a little nervous. The good news is that by the time we start demolition on your Kitchen Remodeling project or prepping an area for your new Home Addition, you’re 100% informed on what’s about to happen. There’s no surprises. You know what it’s going to look like once the work is done…

But it’s still disruptive. Your remodeling dreams are coming into focus before your eyes, and the orchestra is playing flawlessly, but unlike a beautiful symphony, construction can still be loud, messy, and slightly unsettling. Here’s a short 30-second video we took of a teardown for a new addition build here in Minneapolis, to give you an idea.

What makes it all go smoothly? Experienced planning, scheduling, and management of the different design-build project stages. Then, of course, clear and consistent communication between you and our team every step of the way.

Executive Remodeling Construction Planning Example Kitchen

Construction Planning

Before a hammer swings, together with our design-build team, we’ve ironed out every detail of your remodel – selections have been made, designs have been signed off on, trades have been scheduled, each phase of construction has been scheduled, products have been and materials ordered, etc. In this respect, we’re extraordinarily process-orientated and professional. Organization is KEY.

Executive Remodeling Twin Cities Managing Trades

Managing Trades

Whether we’re engaged in Whole-House Remodeling or Bathroom Remodeling, everything happens in stages, from the ground up. Each stage requires a tradesperson or skilled craftspeople to get it done – foundation work, framing, plumbing, electrical, tile work, etc. We schedule and manage these professionals while conducting the overall project from A to Z.

Executive Remodeling Design Build Managing Stages

Managing Stages

Each stage of a residential remodeling project, from foundation to framing and electrical work, can uncover issues in the space. It happens on 100% of remodeling projects. There’s always something that comes up (or change orders). This is where experience and seasoned Project Management make working with a design-build firm like ours so convenient and beneficial.

While we’ve kept this breakdown brief, you can imagine there’s plenty more involved. The good news is that, again, with Executive Remodeling, a) there won’t be any surprises coming from us, and b) those that come up during construction will be handled promptly and professionally.

To learn more about how we work in a general sense and the other project phases, please visit the pages linked below. Otherwise, below, we have some gallery photos, reviews, and FAQs.

How We Work

The Consultation Phase

The Design Phase

The Construction Phase

Read Reviews From Twin Cities Homeowners
Who’ve Worked With Us

Peter B.

We’ll definitely use them for any future projects. Thanks!
We used Executive Remodeling to finish our basement. As first-time homeowners with no construction experience, we couldn’t have asked for an easier process. Workmanship was incredible, everything ran on time, communication was excellent, and we couldn’t be happier with the end product. We’d recommend them to anyone, and already have! We’ll definitely use them for any future projects. Thanks!

Bernie A.

The owners of Executive Remodeling were extremely helpful
The owners of Executive Remodeling were extremely helpful and honest in making decisions on our project. They stuck to what was in our budget. The workmanship was excellent. The workers were professional. The job was done very timely. We were extremely satisfied from start to finish. We highly recommend!

Chris O.

Excellent and responsive resources. Highly recommend!
In the confusing world of home remodeling and contractors, the team from Executive Remodeling is a breath of fresh air. Very business-like and professional, meticulous planning and CAD design advice, excellent and responsive resources. Highly recommend!

Mike M.

Our project manager was great, all the subcontractors were great
Executive Remodeling did a full bathroom addition to our 1908-era house, including adding a foundation and crawlspace. They delivered the project on budget with no surprises. Great communication as far as what to expect each week. Our project manager was great, all the subcontractors were great, and were very respectful of coming and going from our house.

Sarl R.

We used Executive Remodeling to make extensive improvements to our new home
We used Executive Remodeling to make extensive improvements to our new home. They did a wonderful job, and we’re pleased. Workmanship is incredible. They were responsive to change orders. Their communication was outstanding. We were never surprised, as they were great at keeping us in the loop. Most importantly, they were dependable and completed our project in record time. Having worked with contractors throughout our lives, we’d definitely hire again.

Catherine R.

After many contractors for projects over 30 years, these guys are the best.
Our job was a complete basement tear out to put in drain tile and rebuild. Along the way, we discovered significant complications. Executive was amazingly resourceful and found expertise to address everything with experienced craftspeople. We brought wiring up to code and strengthened our 100-year-old house. We sleep better knowing our basement’s dry, the wiring is safe, and the support structures are sound. They left behind a beautiful space. They’re not the cheapest, but we felt our money was well spent. After many contractors for projects over 30 years, these guys are the best.

FAQs Concerning The Construction Phase

Important Questions & Answers For Twin Cities Homeowners

How Good Are You At Keeping Clean Worksites?

Are we going to claim we’re always able to maintain immaculate work sites? No. Home construction/remodeling can get chaotic and messy, but that’s the nature of tearing something down and rebuilding it. That said, we not only work hard to keep everything nice and tidy, but we hire a professional cleaning service to come in and make the space truly spotless once we’re finished.

What Should I Do About My Dogs?

Dogs, by nature, are very curious and territorial. We love them, too. And we’ll work with you and your family to keep them safe along with everyone else involved. Sometimes, they’re sent away to sitters or friends/relatives, or in some cases, they go to doggy daycare during the day. Often, though, they’re kept at home and just cordoned off from getting into the project area.

Who Will Be Doing The Actual Work In My Home?

Along with your Executive Remodeling team, we’ll bring in the necessary tradespeople to complete the different parts of your project – carpenters, plumbers, electricians, framers, tile specialists, etc. In nearly every case, we know these folks well and have worked with them for years.

Will It Be Safe For My Kids?

As a general rule, it’s best to keep children away from construction zones. As you’ll see from Day One, we emphasize safety on every project. Safety comes first. We’ll chat with you and the family before construction begins to iron out the details and have a concrete plan in place for the construction phase of your project.

Will You Accommodate Change Orders?

It’s one thing to look at a new kitchen in a high-def CAD design or in images and another thing altogether to be standing there in the space. Change orders are common, and we’ve dealt with just about every kind of change order you can imagine. When these come up, the process is very systematic, and you’re 100% involved. We’ll ensure you not only get what you want but understand the full implications for your original budget and design.

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