We’re Proud To Do Things The Right Way

We Take Pride in Doing Things The Right Way

Better Installations. Better Service. Better Results.

When you hire a design-build firm, you’re looking for something special.

Whether it’s a bathroom remodel, a room addition, or a whole-house remodel, you have high expectations for the company you hire.

You want to be thrilled with your remodel – not disappointed.

So, what should you look for in the company you’ll hire?

You should look for a company that takes pride in its work, like Executive Remodeling.

We take every opportunity to be better today than we were yesterday. Our pride in delivering excellent home remodeling results is second to none – and it’s because we do it the right way.

We Don’t Cut Costs – Or Corners

When you choose Executive Remodeling, you get to work with an ethical design-build company.

Everything we do is by the book.

We look for the best way to do things, not the cheapest or easiest. That way of thinking has served us well and helped us provide outstanding value and incredible results for our clients.


When it comes to our products, low quality isn’t an option.

We wouldn’t dare offer you low-quality materials to save a buck. We offer only those we trust and would use in our own homes.

For example, if we were completing a kitchen remodel for you, we would recommend a cabinet maker who builds high-quality cabinets. The materials would be top-notch, and the craftsmanship second to none.

However, while we’d recommend that product, we can find you good quality no matter your budget.

The choice, of course, is ALWAYS yours.

We only want to offer you the best because we don’t want you to have issues with your products five years after your project is completed.

So, quality is our highest priority.

Beyond that, all of our products are installed to code. We take safety seriously, from what we install to how our installers conduct themselves and apply their craft.

Installers, Contractors, And Staff

When it comes to our contractors themselves, we also have guidelines in place for them.

We don’t hire unlicensed contractors, whether plumbers, electricians, or anyone else. Our teams are filled with experienced and skilled people from top to bottom.

At Executive Remodeling, our teams work closely together to take your remodeling project beyond your expectations. They’re in constant communication, so all information is shared reliably, and everyone is in lockstep, pushing the project forward.

And to ensure every detail is accounted for, they stick to our professional design-build process every step of the way.

If Something’s Wrong – We Fix It

That sounds simple enough, and really, it is.

No one is perfect, not even us, though we try to be with every project we complete. But there’s something very valuable that comes with a company that takes so much pride in their work.

We hate mistakes – as much, if not more, than you do.

If something isn’t right, we fix it.

And we fix it on our dime – not yours. If we make a mistake, we own the mistake and make it right. When you hire Executive Remodeling, you’re hiring a responsible contractor.

So, when you’re ready to begin your home remodeling project in the Twin Cities area and want a company that takes pride in its work, contact Executive Remodeling to schedule a consultation.

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