5 Things To Know Before Your Whole Home Remodel

5 Things To Know Before Your
Edina Whole Home Remodel

Ensure A Smooth House Remodel
By Being Prepared

Going into an Edina whole home remodel is an exciting time! You are finally getting the home of your dreams, so we understand the excitement.

However, a lot of Minneapolis-St. Paul area homeowners go into a whole home remodel with false ideas of how it will go, how long it takes, and other aspects of their home renovation.

Unfortunately, these false ideas often lead to people feeling as if their home remodel was something that they should have put off or not done in the first place. That is why it is essential that you know what to expect before you start your whole home remodel in Edina.

1. A Home Renovation Project May Mean
A Temporary Lifestyle Change

One of the biggest misconceptions homeowners have about home remodels is that they will stay at home while this remodel happens and that it will not interfere with their day-to-day lives. There is nothing wrong with staying at home while it is being remodeled. However, you should be prepared for a temporary lifestyle change.

For example, you may hear loud noises throughout the day while the crew works in a particular room. So, it may be better to work at the local coffee shop than at home.

In addition, you may find that your kitchen remodel means planning to eat sandwiches or ordering out during the time when it cannot be used.

These small lifestyle changes are temporary but should be expected. Otherwise, you may find yourself wishing that you had planned better for the remodel or at least had a better understanding of what you were getting into.

2. Your House Renovation Starts Before Construction

A ton of elements go into making a whole home remodel happen. There are plans to be made, designs to go through, choices to make, permits to get, and so on. Remember, these elements occur before construction even starts!

So, while you may have a tentative plan that construction crews will be at your home on a certain date, remember your involvement in the steps before it signals the start of your renovation.

Most people are surprised at how much goes into a whole home remodel before construction starts. In most cases, it is a lot of decisions and paperwork to complete, but it will be worth it in the end.

3. The Timeline For Your Remodel In Edina Is An Estimate

Before construction starts, you will get a rough estimate of when the crew plans to complete the entire home remodel. However, remember this is a rough estimate!

Too many people get into a whole home remodel and think the timeline is set in stone. However, it can fluctuate.

After all, there can be delays with permits, which sets the construction behind. There could be a product shortage, leaving the crew behind on their estimate. You need to learn to be slightly flexible when your home is being remodeled, as situations can always arise out of anyone’s control.

4. Ensure Your Whole Home Remodel
Budget Has Some Wiggle Room

Every estimate that is given for a whole home remodel with Executive Remodeling is as precise as possible. However, situations can always arise, so your budget may need to increase.

That is why most professionals recommend keeping a buffer for your entire home remodel project ready for those unforeseen circumstances.

Issues like finding mold behind a wall, a sagging floor in one room, dangerous insulation in an attic, and other items are often not found until construction begins. Thus, being prepared for the unknown will keep you from being blindsided.

5. Make Decisions For Your Edina Home Based
On Personal Taste And Investment

With the number of products on the market meant to increase the value of your home, such as high-end flooring, luxury appliances, and the like, it can be challenging to decide what to put into your home during a whole home remodel.

That is why we often recommend that homeowners make decisions based on their taste and keep investments in mind. For example, if you know that you will be selling your home soon, then make decisions that align with your personal taste yet are known for helping you sell a home faster.

On the flip side, if you know that you will be living in your home for the next twenty years and want stone floors, then splurge for the stone floors!

Free Estimates For Your Edina Whole Home Remodel

When you are ready to take your Edina home to a new level, we are prepared to help with our whole home remodel services! Our whole home remodel includes kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling and home additions.

With our services, you will get the home of your dreams that will impress all who enter. Call today at (612) 333-5577 for a free quote!

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