Which Home Additions Add The Most Value

What Home Additions Add The Most Value
To Your Home In St. Paul

Investing In The Best
Home Additions

There are so many different types of home additions in St. Paul you can choose from for your home. Many of them can drastically increase the resale value of your property. With the right home addition and remodeling company, you can have the home of your dreams or raise the overall value of your home before selling it.

The following guide gives you information on what the best home additions are for your home when it comes to adding value. From bathrooms to adding an entire second story to your property, we’ll go over each of these additions and why they are the best.

Bathroom Home Addition

An additional bathroom can be a significant improvement to your home in terms of comfort and value. You can choose from various types of tubs, showers, sinks, and fixtures to give your added bathroom a unique style and luxurious feel. A bathroom addition can be a key add-on to your home.

Many homeowners appreciate a property with an additional bathroom, and it can be a great reason to raise the overall value of your home when you’re considering selling or renting out the space.

Primary Bedroom Home Addition

While an additional bedroom, in general, can be a great addition to your home, a primary bedroom allows you to add more luxury to your property.

Consider additional fixtures or things to further increase the appeal of your bedroom, such as a fireplace. These small changes can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your bedroom addition and increase the overall value of your property.

Office Home Addition

A new office is a great way to transform and update your living space. Today, many people work from home or have some sort of professional setup at their home. It allows you to have a more convenient place to work, study, and hold meetings.

With the right remodeling team, you can create the ideal home office and avoid the distractions that come with working in your kitchen or living room area. Prioritize the style and design of your office to fit your particular type of work. Make it the best place for someone working alone, or create an office that’s ideal for meetings and collaborative work.

Creating a Gym Home Addition

If you have a large amount of basement space or even a garage you’d like to convert, many homeowners use it as an opportunity to create a gym. A gym allows you to stay fit with professional, high-quality equipment conveniently in your home. Avoid the costly fees associated with gym memberships and always have the workout equipment you need to reach your fitness goals.

Whether you’re someone who frequents the gym daily and wants a better place to work out or you’re hoping to make your trips to the gym more consistent, a gym home addition not only brings convenience but raises your home’s value significantly.

A Second Story Home Addition

One of the most significant impacts you can make to your home is through a second-story addition. Adding a new story to your home can greatly raise its overall value. You also get to drastically increase your living area space with the addition of an entirely new floor.

A second-story addition comes with the benefit of adding multiple new rooms, such as a bathroom, bedrooms, office, or other key rooms. This also allows you to add value to your home without impacting the overall yard space. While a new floor is a huge investment, it can certainly pay off tenfold when you work with a professional team that you can trust.

Executive Remodeling Is Here To Help You
With Your St. Paul Home Addition

A new home addition can do wonders for the overall value of your property. Whether you’re planning to sell your home in the future or you want to make your living experience more comfortable, there are several high-value investments you can make.

At Executive Remodeling, we’re happy to help you with your home improvement project. We’ll work with you to choose the best home addition for your property and your family. From the best materials to the overall design and look that you’re hoping for, we’re the best team in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area. Contact us today for your quote.

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