Learn The Different Kinds Of Basement Remodeling In St. Louis Park

The Key Differences Between Basement
Remodeling And A Basement Finish
For Your St. Louis Park Home

Understanding The Differences Between
Basement Remodeling And Finishes

Basement remodeling in St. Louis Park can be a significant improvement to your home and a much-needed change. A common misconception among homeowners is that a finish is the same as a remodel. However, that can’t be further from the case. While the two do share some similarities, there are some key fundamental differences between getting your basement finished and getting a remodel.

In the following guide, we’ll explore what the differences between basement remodeling and a basement finish are, as well as the best circumstances for each one.

How Does Basement Finishing Compare To Remodeling?

When your basement hasn’t been finished, it means that it is no longer livable or habitable. For your basement to be considered finished, it has to have proper drywall, plumbing, flooring, and insulation.

In most cases, your basement starts as a simple, concrete-walled space. A finish should fully convert this space into a comfortable living space that’s oftentimes aesthetically pleasing. A finished basement can be anything from an additional bedroom to an office, recreational space, or even an entertainment area.

What’s The Process For Basement Finishing?

If you’re getting your basement finished, there are several steps that you have to follow. It’s an elaborate process that involves several key steps. The first is making sure the basement is sealed to control moisture and stop mold growth.

It’s also important for your basement to be framed, and then electricians install the outlets, fixtures, and plumbers. Once utilities are in place, insulation is added so your basement’s temperature can be comfortable during cool and warm months. The last component of a basement finish is the flooring, drywall, and paint.

Once you’ve done all the essentials, you can use furniture and other things to personalize your basement into a proper living space.

What Is Basement Remodeling?

Basement remodeling is a complete renovation and transformation of a basement that has already been finished or partially finished. Unlike a basement finish, which is designed to transform an unfinished basement, a remodel is the process of updating a pre-existing basement or transforming it into something else.

For example, you may have a finished basement that is currently a bedroom, but you’d like to update it visually or aesthetically. In this case, you’d turn to a specialist for a basement remodeling project. Another thing basement remodeling would be good for is transforming a basement that was originally designed to be a living room into a home entertainment or recreation room.

What’s The Process For Basement Remodeling?

The process for basement remodeling is similar to a basement finish. In most cases, you’ll have to do similar prep, such as making sure there is no moisture in your basement before the remodel is completed.

Since your basement is already finished, some of the work may already be finished. However, you’ll still need to do some of the electric writing and insulation to keep your basement powered and comfortable throughout the year.

Some of the major components of your basement remodel involve redoing your floors, walls, and ceilings.

The basement remodeling process can vary significantly based on the level of finish your basement already has and what type of living space you want your basement to be after the project is complete.

Should I Choose Basement Remodeling Or A Finish?

There are pros and cons to both a basement remodel and a finish. Basement remodeling may be a good choice if your basement is already finished or nearly finished. Keep in mind that remodeling projects can be much larger than finishing and may require a bigger budget. These projects may also take longer to complete.

However, a basement remodeling project can raise the value of your home and change your basement into a specified living space. If you need an additional bedroom or you’d like to convert your basement into a recreational or home office space, it’s best to get a remodel done.

On the other hand, if your basement is still primarily in its original state and cannot currently serve as a living space, there’s a good chance you’ll need a basement finish instead. A finish involves all of the key components to transforming your basement, particularly when it comes to the electrical wiring and plumbing. This ensures that there is no moisture or damage in your basement before the project can begin.

It’s best to consult with a professional before undergoing any major home improvement project for your basement, as they can give you the best advice on what process to choose and what to expect.

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