How to Choose A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

The kitchen and the bathroom are not just the two most commonly used rooms in a home; they are also the two most frequently remodeled. Hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor is the first step in the process. Choosing the best bathroom remodelers is critical to the quality of the finished project.

Bathroom Remodeling

Executive Remodeling provides exceptional bathroom remodeling throughout the Twin Cities area, including Edina and Plymouth. We offer years of experience working with homeowners to create their dream bathroom or to add a bathroom to their home.

There are a few crucial steps that any homeowner in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area should take before hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor. These steps include:

  • Review the website – take a close look at the types of projects the bathroom remodelers have completed in the past. Top contractors provide a gallery of past projects, helping potential customers see the range of work they complete.
  • Determine what you want – in order to get a quote for a bathroom remodeling project, contractors have to understand what needs to be done. Be very cautious of a contractor offering a package price or a very low price. A low quote may indicate a lack of experience, the use of inferior materials, or other ways to cut corners in quality on the project.
  • Verify services offered – we provide all of the services needed for a bathroom remodel, including drywall, fixtures, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and even the demolition of the old bathroom and the design of the new.

Finally, be sure to check the Twin Cities contractor is licensed and insured. Look online for past customer reviews and ratings, and then compare quotes for the project.

To learn more about our services, or to talk to a bathroom remodeling contractor at Executive Remodeling, call us today at (612) 333-5577.

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