How A Luxury Whole Home Remodel Can Improve The Flow Of Your Home

Improve The Flow Of Your Maple Grove Home
With Luxury Whole Home Remodeling

Beautify Your Living Space With
Executive Remodeling

We all know how luxury whole home remodeling in Maple Grove can beautify your home. But did you know it can also help improve the flow of your home?

When you bought your home years ago, maybe there was a staircase in an inconvenient place. Maybe your doorways feel cramped, or you have to travel through multiple rooms to get to your guest bathroom. Or maybe you’ve always wanted an open floor plan, but moving sounds like more hassle than it’s worth.

No matter the case, luxury whole home remodeling is an excellent solution for a home that feels awkward or like it doesn’t quite flow. Let Executive Remodeling design your dream home!

Luxury Whole Home Remodeling
Can Open Up Your Floor Plan

Floor plans come in all shapes and sizes. However, maybe your current floor plan feels a little cramped for your tastes.

Open floor plans are extremely popular, and for good reason. Unlike traditional floor plans, which box off separate rooms in the main living area and kitchen, an open floor plan better improves the flow between the rooms.

This open, airy space is far more welcoming and provides you the opportunity to host family and friends better. After all, who wants to be cooking a delicious meal in a closed-off kitchen while trying to carry a conversation with your guests through the wall?

An open floor plan can be even more beneficial if you have small children or pets because you can keep an eye on them better when you can see the living room from your kitchen!

Restructure Awkward Doorways And Staircases
With A Whole Home Remodel

Doorways and stairs – especially in older homes – put practicality over aesthetics. But why can’t you have both?

If you don’t like the way you’re immediately faced with a cluttered staircase as soon as you open your front door, consider a luxury whole home remodel and move the staircase to a much more suitable – and discreet – location.

The same goes for your doorways. If you don’t like the low or outdated doorways, consider making them larger and replacing the doors with timeless options, such as varnished natural wood or a contemporary style to match your more modern style.

If you have doors between rooms that don’t need to be closed off in the first place, like a door between a kitchen and dining room, consider removing them – and maybe even the wall – altogether. The possibilities are endless with a luxury whole home remodel!

Make Your Windows Larger In A Whole Home Remodel

The presence of natural light is one of those factors that separates a dull home from a beautiful home. Paired with an open floor plan, spacious windows can give an even more luxurious and welcoming feel to your Maple Grove home.

Not to mention, having more natural sunlight – especially during the winter months – can boost your mood and even improve your overall health. Everyone who’s lived in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area during the wintertime knows how important it is to soak up the sun!

When making your windows larger, make sure to choose insulated windows so your home doesn’t lose heat during the winter months. How great would it be to open up your windows and watch the snow fall while enjoying the warmth of your living room?

Upgrade Your Bathrooms And Laundry
Room With A Whole Home Remodel

Don’t reduce your laundry room to a cluttered closet in the back of your house. Make the most of your space by creating a functional, organized mudroom complete with an area to fold and hang up your clothes.

When you have company, what better solution to the pile-up of coats than a fashionable area in the mudroom to hang up coats, bags, and other belongings?

The same goes for bathrooms. Your guests won’t want to meander down narrow hallways just to find one. Spruce up your guest bathroom and make it a relaxing and welcoming place for visitors.

For The Best Whole Home Remodeling In Maple
Grove, Turn To Executive Remodeling

Since 2005, we’ve provided gorgeous whole home remodels to homeowners throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area. Our seamless, full-service approach ensures efficient communication and far fewer delays than the other guys.

Why? Because we’re professionals committed to the ultimate customer satisfaction.

If you’re ready to elevate your Maple Grove home, call Executive Remodeling at (612) 333-5577 or contact us online to schedule your consultation.

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