When Should I Consider A Home Addition For My St Paul, MN Home?

How To Know When You Need Home
Addition Remodeling For Your
St Paul, MN Home

Executive Remodeling Offers Suggestions
On Expanding Your Living Space

There is only so much shifting around you and your family can do before you need to expand a bit in your home. The solution is to find a good home addition remodeling contractor in St. Paul, MN that can design and build the right space.

Our experts at Executive Remodeling would love to help you remodel your home to get the proper room addition that you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll walk you through some of the signs that you need to build a home addition.

Your Existing Space Is Too Small For Your Family

Your lifestyle may have changed since you purchased your home. If your kids are asking when they are going to get their own rooms or their indoor play sessions have taken up more space than you expect, those are good signs you need a home addition.

You might have also started working at home in the last few years and need more office space. We understand!

Having a new child is also a leading reason for adding more space – and congrats!

We are happy to help you build a new space that works just right for you. Whether you need a new bedroom, want to expand your kitchen, or need a bigger family room, we can help you achieve your dream.

A Home Addition Can Improve A Dated Interior Design

Are your living spaces out of date? Does your family room look like it’s from the 1960s? Is your kitchen drab? These are all good places to start with a remodeling project in general, with considerations for a home addition, too. Homes that haven’t been remodeled in years might not be efficient by modern standards and could use some extra space!

Avoid Moving By Building A Home Addition

Let’s say you are out of space in your home. One option is to try to sell your home and buy a bigger one. There are many challenges with this choice, of course. Moving can be stressful and, in some cases, can cost more money than remodeling. Your kids might not like it either, as they will likely have to find new friends.

Home addition remodeling can help! We’ll add space to your home. While the remodeling process itself adds some stress, your family won’t have to go through the entire process of moving.

Need Bigger Closets? A Home Addition Could Help

When you want bigger closets or more storage in general, a frequent remodeler recommendation is to borrow from the room next to the one that is too small. A home addition could resolve the need for larger closets and additional storage. After all, not everyone likes sacrificing a piece of their room for a closet!

Home Addition Remodeling Might Help Sell Your House

If you want to sell your house, you might have also learned while looking through comparable homes that your house is smaller or missing some amenities that others might appreciate. While home additions can help prevent you from needing to move, they can also make your house much more attractive to a prospective buyer.

Home additions are among the home improvement projects you can do that help raise the value of your home and make your house easier to sell. We suggest talking to us and your real estate agent about what to add to compete in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area housing market.

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We would love to help you with your home addition remodeling project. We offer a design and build service that makes the entire process so much easier! Choosing us will eliminate the stress of working with multiple companies to complete your remodel.

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