What Are Some Home Addition Ideas For Increasing The Square Footage Of My Home?

Fantastic Ideas To Increase Space In Your
St. Paul Home With A Home Addition

Executive Remodeling Offers Ideas On
Changing Your Home For More Space

Do you need more space? Increasing the square footage of your St. Paul home with a home addition is a great idea.

We are the home remodeling and home addition experts at Executive Remodeling. We would love to share ideas about what you could do to your home to increase space. Read on for some excellent ideas.

Add A Home Addition Over Your Garage

The garage is an often overlooked place to start with a home addition. In many cases, the structural supports are already there. Garages often offer enough space for a new bedroom, an in-law space, or even a home office.

Have A Dormer Installed As a Home Addition

A dormer is a room or living space projecting out of the roof. These are fairly common in American homes and, from the inside, often come in the form of a loft.

Dormers add some usable space. A dormer’s main feature is adding a window and natural light to an area.

Make Your Kitchen More Liveable With A Home Addition

Space is one of the most important parts of a kitchen, as the kitchen often sees lots of traffic. A home addition can help add a pantry to your kitchen and keep food and supplies stored conveniently and out of sight.

One great suggestion is to add a “breakfast nook” in the form of a bump out that slightly extends beyond your exterior walls. These are perfect, especially if you enjoy eating meals and having a good view outside – or just need a bit more space.

Mudrooms Are A Great Addition To Homes

Mudrooms are like enlarged closets near your front or back door designed to store shoes, coats, and other essentials. They are an excellent place to have built-ins, small storage areas, and wall hooks for coats so your things don’t get scattered around too much.

Trust us: once you have a mudroom and get your family to use it, you’ll love it and never go back!

Bump-Outs Make Home Additions Easier

A bump-out is great for creating a small amount of space without doing too much work. It involves adding even just a couple of extra feet to a room in an effort to add something like a closet or if you need space to fit the right size bathtub or shower for a bathroom. These aren’t exactly new rooms and are often lower-priced changes.

Add A Second Story Through Home Additions

Adding a second story is a great way to add much more room to your home. You’ll want to advise us first on the structural capabilities of your home. Still, you’ll find that adding another story to your home can effectively double your square footage and significantly increase your home’s value.

Turn Your Porch Into A Sunroom With
Home Addition Remodeling

Does your home have a porch? Porches are often screened in and not quite ready for everyday weather. We can help turn this into a liveable space and make your home function better year-round by transforming your porch into a sunroom!

Sunrooms are often adorned with windows to allow as much light to enter as possible. You’ll love this, especially if you have a good view or enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset! The extra natural light entering can also help reduce your electric bill and let you keep lights off.

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Home Additions For Your St Paul, MN Area Home

At Executive Remodeling, our design and remodel team is ready to help you decide how to get more space in your home through home additions. You can schedule an in-person consultation with us or call us at (612) 333-5577.

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