Top Things to Consider for Room Additions

As a full-service home remodeling company in St. Louis Park, Executive Remodeling has been helping customers achieve their home design dreams for nearly 20 years. The company’s commitment to upholding the highest standards in industry craft, customer service, quality materials, and design excellence has made it a top customer choice for major projects such as room additions.

Room additions are a significant investment and need careful consideration, preplanning, and a qualified team to execute the project. Before beginning construction, consider these expert tips for successful room additions.

Identify the Purpose of the Space

There are many reasons for building room additions, but even if the reason seems clear, it is still important to consider what purpose the space would serve immediately and in the future. For example, the space may be needed for a baby now, but for a grandparent apartment later. Keeping the full scope of the purpose of the space in mind can help prepare the space for those future needs and save on future costs and revisions.

Understand Local Codes

Building a room addition requires permits and conforming to local restrictions. If the right permits are not obtained, the homeowner may be required to remove or deconstruct the structure so that certain elements are visible for inspection. Before beginning, talk to a local home renovation company to verify who is responsible for obtaining permits and verifying local building restrictions.

Set Your Budget

Know exactly how much you have to spend before you begin. Most experts recommend setting aside at least 15% of the budget for unplanned expenses. Nearly every project will have some unexpected elements that need to be handled, and these things can eat into the budget.

Be Realistic About What You Can Do Within Budget

When considering a budget for a remodel, always remember that the cost of a project covers the materials, necessary permits, and the expertise and labor needed to complete the build. Keeping this in mind helps choose the materials, fixtures, and other elements essential for the project.

Understand the Practicalities of a Room Addition

A room addition is exciting, but the process can also cause some inconvenience. Understand that the process is often dusty and noisy. So, it can be a problem if there are small children at home or anyone that needs to sleep during the day. There will also be many people that will need access to the space throughout the project, which means significantly decreased privacy for the duration of the build. While the inconveniences are real, they are only temporary and well worth tolerating to achieve the advantages a room addition provides.

Work With Full-Service Room Addition Experts

Because of the many facets of a room addition project, there are many places for things to go wrong. That’s why it is so important to work with local design-build firms that have the experience you need and familiarity with local laws and codes. Working with local experts provides advantages that include:

  • Having access to the best material prices
  • Positive relationships with local building officials
  • An easily researched and verifiable reputation
  • Experience with similar projects
  • Able to respond quickly to any problems
  • Less time spent waiting and more time working
  • A full-service team can provide all the services so the homeowners know who is performing the work

Schedule a Free Consultation

A home renovation project needs careful planning and qualified support from expert general home contractors. Often, homeowners only have the goal of a room addition but do not know what that project entails or the average costs for such a project. Talking to a qualified professional can help answer questions and help avoid costly mistakes. Always schedule a free consultation to gather information and see if the contractor is a good fit for the project.

A Home Addition Company Minneapolis-St. Paul Homeowners Trust

A room addition project is a big project and a significant investment, so it is important to trust local experts. If you are looking for “home addition companies near me,” it is time to consider the St. Louis Park home addition experts. Executive Remodeling is a full-service home renovation company with nearly 20 years dedicated to industry expertise. Connect with the team by calling (612) 333-5577 to schedule a free consultation.

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