How To Tell A Remodeling Company Is Legit

How To Tell If A Remodeling Company Is The
Right Choice For A St. Paul Home Addition

Find A Remodeling Company Who Can
Provide A Flawless Home Addition

While a brand new home addition in St. Paul is incredible for any homeowner, finding the right company can be difficult. From quality materials to a reliable staff, there’s a lot of trust that goes into choosing a legit remodeling company.

In the following guide, we’ll go over what to look out for when choosing a remodeling company. Learn about what questions to ask, what to look out for, and how to pick a remodeling company that has a high chance of getting the job done.

No Formal Contract For Home Additions

When it comes to a home addition or any remodeling project, you’ll discuss a number of things with the contractor. In these situations, a legitimate remodeling company will involve paperwork and a formal agreement or contract for you to sign.

This ensures that both you and the remodeling company are aware of all the requirements for the project, the timeline, cost, and expectations going forward. When a remodeling company isn’t legitimate, they may ask you to take their word for it or not provide things in writing. It’s always best to steer clear of these situations as they can be untrustworthy.

Full Upfront Payments For Home Additions

Another key thing to look out for is a remodeling company that asks for significant payment upfront. Any company that requests 30% to 50% of the initial payment for a home addition upfront is one where you should be wary.

While a remodeling company can ask for 10% upfront when it comes to large projects, requesting roughly half of the cost of the project can be a sign that the company is not legitimate.

High-Pressure Quotes For Home Additions

When working with any home remodeling company, they will give you a quote. A strong sign that you shouldn’t work with a company is if they pressure you or try to demand that you use their services. Any company that tries to push you into quickly making a decision is one that you should not work with.

A reputable and trustworthy home remodeling company should make you feel comfortable with your decision. Always take your time before choosing to go through with a home addition project in St. Paul.

The Company Has No History Of Home Additions

If you are working with a home remodeling company for your addition, you need to make sure it’s a company you can trust. If the company has no reviews or references, it’s best to steer clear of them.

To ensure your home remodeling project is completed properly, you should work with an experienced team. Learn about the company, ask for references, and see what projects they’ve completed in the past. Many home remodeling companies have a gallery and before and after photos to show you the quality of their work and what you can expect.

Questions To Ask Home Addition Remodeling Companies

If you’re looking to work with a home remodeling company and want to see if it is legit, there are a few key questions you can ask. Be wary if the company doesn’t answer any of these questions properly or avoids answering them entirely.

Are You Licensed And Insured For Home Additions?

Any home remodeling company should be licensed and insured for home additions. If they cannot provide you with the proper paperwork that demonstrates the company is licensed, do not work with them.

Do You Have Any Reviews For Home Additions?

When working with a company, ask about reviews or receive references. If the company avoids providing you with references or reviews, don’t work with them. A reputable, well-organized business should be more than happy to give you a list of references or show you reviews of previous projects it has completed.

Do You Need To Pull A Permit For Home Additions?

When it comes to a significant home remodeling project, you must get a permit. If there is any contractor that tells you they do not need to pull a permit for home additions, do not work with them. This can lead to serious insurance and even legal issues in the future.

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