How To Design The Perfect Playroom Out Of Your Basement Remodel

Designing The Perfect Playroom For Your
Eden Prairie Basement Remodel

Transform Your Basement Space With
Executive Remodeling

For exceptional basement remodeling in Eden Prairie, look no further than Executive Remodeling.

Your house’s basement holds a lot of potential that’s easy to overlook. All that square footage you’ve previously used to store boxes of Christmas decorations and old keepsakes can be transformed into a suitable living space.

Homeowners with young children often find that their basements give them ample space to build a perfect playroom for their growing family. You could include an indoor play gym, a reading nook, and—if you homeschool—a learning center.

But what features do you need to design the perfect playroom? The details will vary depending on how many children you have, their ages, your budget, and more.

This is where Executive Remodeling comes in—we’re a full-service design-build firm committed to alleviating the stress of basement remodeling.

Feature 1: Incorporate Lots Of Color
Into Your Basement Renovation

Color is essential when designing the perfect playroom. Have you ever seen drab or neutral colors in a daycare center or preschool? Now’s the time to go bold regarding color, such as your walls, flooring, and furniture.

Colorful, fun designs help make your playroom a fun, energizing area where your kids will love to spend time!

Feature 2: Have An Indoor Play Area
Inside Your Basement Space

As anyone local to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area will tell you the winters here are rough. That’s why incorporating a fun play area inside your playroom will ensure your kids have plenty of fun even when it’s impossible to play outside.

Small indoor slides, a climbing ladder, large foam building blocks, and tunnels to crawl through are all great ideas you can incorporate into your play area.

For smaller basements, utilize vertical space as much as possible with sensory swings or indoor jungle gyms to preserve floor space.

Feature 3: Choose The Right Storage For
Your Basement Remodeling Project

Choose creative and colorful storage solutions for your playroom to make cleanup a breeze. For younger children, make sure to have storage at their level so they can easily put away their toys. Clear bins or shelves make it easy for children to see what’s stored, leading to better playtime.

Baskets and colorful shelves are great ideas for storage, as well as custom shelves that display everything in a clear, easy-to-find manner.

Feature 4: Incorporate A Quiet Space In Your Basement
Remodel For Reading, Rest, And Quiet Play

Loud, energetic environments can easily overstimulate younger children. This is why having a designated area in your basement playroom for quiet play, reading, or rest is so important.

Consider incorporating a cozy nook with soft furnishings (like bean bag chairs and cushions) surrounded by shelves of books that the children can easily access. Older children can also benefit from a quiet area, so choose books and decor depending on the children’s ages.

Feature 5: Choose Soft, Easy To Clean Flooring
In Your Finished Basement

Life with children is messy. That’s why having easy-to-clean flooring is vital to the perfect basement playroom.

Depending on your playroom’s layout, you can choose different flooring materials per section. Do you have an art corner with easels, fingerpaints, and clay? Consider attractive, stain-resistant tile flooring that is easy to clean with a mop.

However, avoid hard flooring throughout the playroom, as it can make falls hazardous. If you want tile, stone, or wood flooring, opt for area rugs you can easily pick up and throw into the wash or run a vacuum over.

Feature 6: Use Child-Friendly Furniture
When Remodeling Basements

Consider your children’s ages when choosing furniture. Not only is color an important factor in designing a fun, stimulating environment, but size is also. Small children will struggle climbing into adult-sized wooden chairs at a tall table.

In your basement bathroom, step stools are essential, so smaller children can easily reach the toilet and sink.

Child-friendly furniture includes appropriately sized chairs and tables for crafting and reading. Themed furniture in bright, cheerful colors will ensure your kids like spending time in the basement playroom.

Executive Remodeling: 60 Combined Years Of Experience
In Eden Prairie Basement Remodeling

When you need top-quality basement remodeling in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, turn to Executive Remodeling. We’re a full-service design-build firm that has our customers’ best interests at heart.

If you’re considering a complete basement remodel, call us at (612) 333-5577 or reach out to us online and take the first step toward your perfect basement!

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