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When space is an issue in your home, your best option is to consider Edina home additions. After all, why move if your house otherwise fits you?

Home additions in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area are very common for homeowners. Some add sunrooms, offices, extra bedrooms, transforming a garage into a liveable space, or even a room meant to be a huge recreational area for the entire family.

Executive Remodeling has been handling home additions for years. Our dedication to quality and beautiful results makes us the go-to company for home additions. You won’t regret working with us to make your house the home you have always dreamed of.

Perfect Home Additions For Edina Homeowners

New Bedroom That Has Been Added To Existing House

Home Additions

We design your home addition to fit your needs. While our most common additions include office spaces, converted garages, bumping out an existing room, or adding an extra bedroom, we can design whatever you envision. As long as the addition is up to code, we can make it happen!

New Space Turned Into Office In Home

Executive Remodeling: The Trusted Design Build
Firm Serving Edina Homeowners

Innovative Designs For Your
Home Additions

Since 2005, we have developed a reputation as being professional designers who always listen to what you need for your home. Our home additions are highly sought after because we pay attention to details and only use the best products.

Flawless Workmanship

We take an old-school stance on workmanship, meaning we take our time to ensure your home addition is flawless. We want your home addition to be exactly what you envisioned, down to the paint used on the walls.

Personalized Products

We customize your home additions. If you want something unusual, we will find the best products to fit your design dreams. We do not restrict product choices, allowing our designers to create what you want.

Core Values That Are Seen In Everything We Do

Our core values include integrity, reliability, teamwork, trust, and accountability. These core values dictate every action we take with our customers, so people turn to us for whatever design build work they need.

Highly Professional

We focus on people first. Thus, you can expect us to listen to what you need and design it to fit in with your idea as much as possible. We believe in a professional environment that fosters creativity in all our home addition projects.

5-Star Reviews That Show Our Attention To Detail

Homeowners Love The Finished Product

We love hearing from our satisfied customers who are thrilled with their end results. Hearing how our attention to detail and overall processes made their project easier to handle fills us with glee!

Sari R.

They did a wonderful job, and we’re so pleased.
We used Executive Remodeling to make extensive improvements to our new home. They did a wonderful job, and we’re so pleased. The quality of their workmanship is incredible. They were very responsive to our change orders. Their communication was outstanding. We weren’t surprised by any issues, as they were great at keeping us in the loop. Most importantly, they were dependable and completed in record time. Having worked with many contractors throughout our lives, we’d definitely hire again.

Amy K.

We had a positive experience with Executive Remodeling, from start to finish.
We had a positive experience with Executive Remodeling, from start to finish. They did a beautiful job remodeling our kitchen. Our project stayed within our projected budget and finished on time. Any questions or issues along the way were handled quickly and satisfactorily. Every vendor that worked in our home was pleasant and easy to have around, which we thoroughly appreciated. We would definitely recommend this company.

Kelley B.

The exec remodeling team is very professional
The exec remodeling team is very professional, very communicative, and delivered high quality work. Bruce and Larry are great to work with and did an amazing job adding a third bathroom and creating a master suite.

FAQ From Edina Homeowners Concerning
Home Additions By Executive Remodeling

Can I Count On My Addition Being Up To Code?

Without question, yes. We’re well-experienced in Twin Cities residential construction and remodeling. As mentioned above, with additions that go outside the current frame of your home, we’ll be bringing in an architect and engineer. Every code will be carefully considered and accommodated. Every city law and ordinance abided by so that you’ve got nothing to worry about structurally, functionally, and financially when it comes to our work.

How Do Additions Differ From Whole-House Remodeling?

Generally, whole-house remodeling involves the interior of your current home – dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, basement, etc. And this can include opening things up or adding new rooms. Once we go “outside the box” of your house, we get an architect involved, and the city has a list of requirements we must accommodate.

How Much Should I Expect To Budget For My Addition?

Until we can pinpoint some key details related to project size & scope, we can’t even come close to answering that question. Additions are a completely different kind of project than updating your home’s interior. Once we have a chance to sit down and chat during initial consultations, we’ll be able to give you a round figure at first, then dial in and get more refined as we put together a professional design quote.

What’s The Range In Addition Size You Normally Do?

We’ve done everything from a 6-foot by 18-foot addition (roughly 110 square feet) to add kitchen space to their current kitchen to completely adding a second story on an 1100 square-foot home. That one included tearing off the roof, basically gutting the 1st floor for a complete reconfiguration, adding a staircase, etc. Even on the smaller side, we had to bring in an architect/engineer, excavation, and on and on. Smaller doesn’t always mean less complex.

Will You Help Ensure I Get The Most Value?

Yes, and it’s likely by value, you mean both personal/functional value as well as monetary. If ROI is a major concern (this is often not the case), our design team will help you approach the addition from the standpoint of resale. So, we’ll want to make sure it fits your Twin Cities neighborhood and makes sense with the rest of the house. On the other side of the coin, we’ll help you maximize the new expanded space we’re building to suit your needs and preferences.

Realize Your Dream

Since 2005, our team of proven, experienced home renovation experts has been creating home remodeling masterpieces throughout the Twin Cities area. If you’re ready to take your home to the next level, you can trust Executive Remodeling to get you there with grace and style. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you and your family.


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