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Remarkable Bathroom Remodeling In Edina
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Bathroom Remodeling Services For The
Dream Bathroom You Always Wanted

Does your bathroom inspire you? If not, Edina bathroom remodeling may be a project you need to consider. Having an uninspired bathroom is not only an eyesore, but it could also rob you of you of having a space for relaxation.

If you have always envisioned a bathroom that promotes relaxation, Executive Remodeling offers you a dream bathroom that will make you relax upon entering the room. We are the trusted Minneapolis/St.Paul bathroom remodeler that people turn to for all their needs.

You can trust us to work with you on a bathroom designed to meet every dream you have always had.

Superb Bathroom Remodeling For
Edina Homeowners

White Bathroom With Tub And Ornate Mirror

Bathroom Remodeling

When it’s time to remodel your bathroom, we handle it all. We can replace your tub/showers, sinks, and toilets and handle flooring, electrical work, HVAC work, cabinets, plumbing, and tiling work. We work with you one-on-one to give you a beautiful bathroom.

White Bathroom With Large White Tub

Bathroom Remodeling From The Pros
At Executive Remodeling

Edina Homeowners Love
Working With Us

Executive Remodeling has been serving the Edina area since 2005, providing bathroom remodeling services that put our customers first. We listen to their ideas and implement these designs with our highly trained staff.

Personalized Products

We are proud that our designs use products that are not your everyday run-of-the-mill features. We personalize the products to fit the design of a bathroom, which is what makes our bathroom designs unique and gorgeous!

Dedicated Core Values

All our core values are meant to enhance the customer experience. We value teamwork, reliability, integrity, trust, and accountability for every team member. This allows us to provide stellar customer service and results!

Trusted Workmanship

We may have an outdated view of workmanship compared to new companies. We believe in taking our time and doing the remodel right the first time, and our customers greatly appreciate this “old school” way of thinking.

We Care For Our Customers

Remodeling is a very customer-centered practice. That is why we always prioritize our customers and care for their needs. We listen and give them what they have always envisioned.

Stellar Reviews From Our Customers

Our Clients Love The End Results

We work with our customers one-on-one for their bathroom remodels, so hearing high praise about our services always brings a smile to our faces. We love hearing from customers about how much they love their new bathrooms.

Amy K.

We had a positive experience with Executive Remodeling, from start to finish.
We had a positive experience with Executive Remodeling, from start to finish. They did a beautiful job remodeling our kitchen. Our project stayed within our projected budget and finished on time. Any questions or issues along the way were handled quickly and satisfactorily. Every vendor that worked in our home was pleasant and easy to have around, which we thoroughly appreciated. We would definitely recommend this company.

Vern M.

I highly recommend Executive Remodeling to anyone
I recently had the pleasure of working with Executive Remodeling for a bathroom remodeling project, and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. From start to finish, their expertise and attention to detail were exceptional. The team at Executive Remodeling demonstrated a high level of professionalism throughout the entire process. From the initial consultation to the final touches, they were attentive to my needs and provided valuable suggestions and recommendations. Their extensive knowledge and experience in bathroom remodeling were evident, and they guided me through every step of the project with great care. The craftsmanship and quality of work delivered by Executive Remodeling surpassed my expectations. The installation crew was skilled, efficient, and meticulous in their work. They paid close attention to even the smallest details, ensuring that every aspect of the bathroom renovation was executed flawlessly. The end result was a stunning bathroom that exceeded my vision. What sets Executive Remodeling apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They listened to my ideas and preferences and incorporated them seamlessly into the design. They were responsive to any concerns or questions I had throughout the process, and they made sure that I was completely satisfied with the final result. I highly recommend Executive Remodeling to anyone in need of bathroom remodeling services. Their professionalism, craftsmanship, and dedication to delivering outstanding results make them a top choice in the industry. Working with Executive Remodeling was a truly positive experience, and I am grateful for their expertise and the beautiful bathroom they have created. Thank you, Executive Remodeling, for a job well done!

Tom A.

I trusted Executive, and I did get what I wanted
My experience with Executive Remodeling was excellent. There was easy and regular communication between us, the team, and their subcontractors. I thought the subcontractors, electric, plumbing, tiling, flooring, and cabinets, were conscientious and knowledgeable. I knew what I wanted, and the differences in products and costs were explained and detailed. Of course, I would’ve liked to pay less, but I trusted Executive, and I did get what I wanted, so the Value for Money was justified.

FAQ About Bathroom Remodeling In Edina
By Executive Remodeling

Do You Have Experience Remodeling Bathrooms In Older Homes?

Absolutely. For example, when you browse our galleries, keep in mind that many of the homes you’re seeing are old homes. Updating these treasures and breathing new life into them is a big part of what we do for homeowners around the Twin Cities. We update the bath/shower area, flooring, walls, you name it. Even if we’re literally building a new bathroom addition, our vast experience with older and newer homes ensures a detailed, careful, and professional touch.

How Long Should I Plan On My Project Taking?

Once we have a chance to meet with you and get an idea of what you’re looking to do with your bathroom, we’ll be able to give you a rough timeline. Then, as we have follow-up consultations and begin digging into the specifics, the scheduling will get more and more refined. By the time your project kicks off, you’ll have a very detailed answer to that question. And we’re extremely good at getting these projects done within the agreed-upon timeframe.

What’s The Most Common Goal For Your Customers?

The most common goal involves more than just updating, it’s taking the current bathroom space you have and making it better. Look better, yes, but also make it far more functional for you and your family. Older homes, as well as some new construction, aren’t customized or personalized the way most folks would prefer – walk-in showers, increased floor space, improved storage, styling through new tile work, more aesthetic fixtures, and so on.

Will You Help Me Make Selections For My New Bathroom?

Yes, indeed. Your Executive Remodeling design-build team and head designer will provide plenty of guidance, suggestions, recommendations, and experienced professional insight as you make your product/material selections. We’ve updated a ton of bathrooms and professionally been involved in bathroom remodeling in one way or another for decades.

With Bathrooms, Where Does Most Of The Budget Go?

Here in the Twin Cities region, when you talk about professional design-build bathroom remodeling where extensive updates will be done, it comes down to complexity. For example, styling – simple or complex? On the complex end, you’ve got custom tile work that isn’t an inexpensive option. Or cabinetry – will it be custom-made? Then there are projects where we’re relocating things like bathtubs and toilets, adding new fixtures, or expanding things. Every component brings a range of impact on your overall budget, depending on your choices.

Realize Your Dream

Since 2005, our team of proven, experienced home renovation experts has been creating home remodeling masterpieces throughout the Twin Cities area. If you’re ready to take your home to the next level, you can trust Executive Remodeling to get you there with grace and style. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you and your family.


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