Your Kitchen Countertop Guide In Minneapolis, MN

How To Choose Kitchen Countertops For Your
Professional Remodel In Minneapolis, MN

What You Should Consider When Picking
The Best Countertops For Your Home

There are many decisions to make when you are working with a kitchen remodeling contractor in Minneapolis, MN. Thankfully, choosing the right kitchen countertops is a fun choice! You just might need some help along the way – and a bit more info.

Here at Executive Remodeling, we’ve developed this guide to help you determine everything you need to know about choosing the ideal countertops for your kitchen remodel. Read on for all the essential details.

Picking The Easiest Countertops To Clean
For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

To most homeowners, this is a pretty important factor. You want to avoid using too much elbow grease to clean counters. Thankfully, there are a few options to choose from.

Let’s start with quartz countertops. The solution to cleaning quartz countertops is simply using a microfiber cloth and some dish soap. While you normally might avoid using excess water on your countertop or need another cleaning fluid, quartz is not porous, so you don’t have to worry about water seeping in and causing issues.

You’ll want help from a professional kitchen remodeling company in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to install quartz.

Laminate countertops are a close second. They are also a more affordable option. You’ll need to be a little more careful with laminate, though. It’s not sealed, and letting water stand on it for too long could warp the laminate eventually.

Wood countertops are also a good choice – especially if they are well-sealed. A well-sealed wood countertop allows you to wipe away any mess you made. Polyurethane, linseed oil, and others are your friends here!

Choosing Countertops That Have Great Durability And
Longevity For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Durability and longevity are important to homeowners. They want consistency year over year, and for their investment to last a long time.

Solid surface countertops are a great option – especially for a relatively low price compared to other options. These are also fairly easy to clean. Note that they are durable, but like many other countertops, they are prone to warping if you place hot items on them too frequently.

Quartz is easy to clean and very durable. Given that quartz is both easy to clean and very durable, you probably correctly guessed that there are cheaper options.

Granite countertops perform well with durability, too. They will last a very long time, though they do require a little work in the form of resealing every few years, which helps to prevent water and bacteria from building up.

Best-Looking Countertop Choices For
Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

When choosing the best-looking countertops, the decision is up to your opinion of what looks good and what fits in your home.

Many homeowners with marble countertops love the elegant look – especially under soft, warm lights. Soapstone is another excellent stone option that does well over time and develops a rustic look without looking worn out.

Wood countertops are very popular among homeowners who like the warm look of wood or are going for a country or farmhouse-style kitchen. These kinds of countertops also have a range of colors, textures, and grains to work with.

Easiest To Maintain Countertop Picks
For Your Kitchen Renovation

There are many things to do as a homeowner – countertop maintenance doesn’t have to be one of them.

In the long run, quartz doesn’t need much from you. Just don’t use higher or lower acidic cleaners on quartz, and you’ll do well. Laminate is also a great choice, as the simple construction requires cleaning up excess water.

To go in the opposite direction, a couple that require additional maintenance are marble and wood. Without resealing, wood can soak up moisture and warp. Wood is also vulnerable to dents and chips. Marble is more prone to scratching and also requires resealing.

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