Why You Should Avoid DIY Bathroom Remodels

DIY Disasters: Why To Consider A Professional
For Your Minnetonka Bathroom Remodel

The Hidden Costs Of DIY Bathroom Remodeling
In The Minneapolis – St. Paul Area

We’ve all seen the videos of average homeowners embarking on bathroom remodeling with seemingly beautiful results. However, when considering bathroom remodeling for your Minnetonka home, you shouldn’t put stock into remodeling shows.

From the hidden costs of materials to the disasters that can happen with plumbing and wiring, DIY bathroom remodeling projects are difficult to pull off successfully.

Most aspects of bathroom remodeling require specialized knowledge that most average homeowners don’t possess, which can risk improper installation of tiles, cabinets, and fixtures. You also have to consider the time, effort, and headache of a DIY bathroom remodel. Do you really want your bathroom out of commission for as long as it takes to remodel?

Don’t risk a DIY disaster with your bathroom. Hire the experts at Executive Remodeling to ensure a seamless, stress-free remodeling experience – without any of the hangups of DIY!

Risk 1: Choosing Low-Quality Materials
For Your Bathroom Remodel

To save money, many homeowners will look for lower-quality materials for their bathroom remodel.

While this can seem like a great deal at first, low-quality materials aren’t as durable and will need to be replaced much sooner than the high-quality materials we carry at Executive Remodeling.

Risk 2: No Warranty To Fallback On If You Make
Mistakes During Your DIY Home Improvement

A licensed, bonded, and insured contractor will guarantee all their work. If any problems arise after your bathroom remodel is completed, you aren’t liable for the damage, and the work is under warranty.

This isn’t the case with DIY remodels. If something goes wrong, you’re stuck with it unless you want to shell out more money to fix it.

Many times, homeowners will find that after they fix all the problems that occurred during their DIY remodel, the total costs are comparable with what it would’ve cost to hire a professional design-build firm.

Risk 3: DIY Takes More Time Than Professional
Bathroom Remodeling Services

There’s a reason there are firms and contractors with full-time workers dedicated to remodeling. It takes a lot of time and effort! There are so many steps to take and so much to do – from designing the layout to choosing the materials to completing the work – that it can take the average homeowner a very long time to complete a bathroom remodel.

Unlike a design-build firm, which can give you a timeline of progress regarding your bathroom remodel, a DIY remodel has no such guarantee.

It’s already overwhelming enough for someone without the specialized experience as a licensed, bonded contractor – let alone trying to navigate remodeling work around a full-time work schedule and the obligations of day-to-day life.

Risk 4: Inaccurate Budgeting During Your Bathroom Remodel

Because contractors and design-build firms have been remodeling bathrooms for years and even decades, they can budget accordingly for the most common issues that can pop up during a bathroom remodel.

However, when you’re remodeling your bathroom yourself, this isn’t as easy. Budgeting for materials is one thing – but when you’re faced with a major plumbing disaster or aggressive mold growth beneath your floor tiles, you’ll find your budget doesn’t stretch as far as before.

Hiring professionals such as those at Executive Remodeling will give you a much clearer picture of your budget without worrying about overshooting.

Risk 5: Layout Limitations Of A Small Bathroom Remodel

If you opt for a DIY bathroom remodel, you’re pretty much stuck with the current layout. Only a professional knows how to properly change the location of your toilet, bathtub, shower, and sink.

This means you’re stuck with your current layout, and if you try to change it, you’ll almost certainly do it improperly, resulting in costly damage.

Risk 6: Poor Installation Of Your Bathroom
Remodeling Products

As fun as a DIY bathroom remodel sounds at first, it requires skill, experience, and patience – especially when it comes to proper installation.

Improperly installing your bathroom fixtures, flooring, and major features such as the toilet, shower, and bathtub can result in a costly disaster that a professional could’ve done in much less time and without any stress.

Executive Remodeling: Minnetonka’s Top Choice
For Bathroom Remodeling

Don’t suffer through the headache of DIY bathroom remodeling and risk your bathroom’s beauty and functionality. When you choose Executive Remodeling, you choose high quality, proactive communication, and VIP treatment. We’re a full-service design-build firm that delivers a seamless, stress-free experience.

If you live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area and are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, reach out to us online or call us directly at 612-333-5577 to schedule your consultation!

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