What To Do Before Basement Remodeling In St. Louis Park

5 Issues To Address Before Basement
Remodeling In St. Louis Park Homes

Important Issues Every Homeowner Needs
To Address When Basement Remodeling

It can be tempting to start basement remodeling in St. Louis Park immediately. After all, there are many things you can do to transform your basement into an exciting new living space. However, it’s important to address some key things before starting any basement remodeling project.

Without following the proper precautions, a basement remodel has the potential to take longer, be more expensive, and require more materials. The best way to ensure this home improvement project goes well is by avoiding the most common issues related to it.

In this guide, we’ll go over the five most important things you have to address before starting your basement remodel.

1. Moisture Issues With Basement Remodeling

Perhaps one of the biggest issues to address when it comes to remodeling your basement is moisture and waterproofing. Naturally, basements are prone to moisture issues. This can be anything from natural dampness to leaks that haven’t been repaired.

Before undergoing any basement remodeling process, you have to address any moisture issues in your basement. This means following the proper protocols to waterproof your space and remove any preexisting moisture that is already there. Some things you can do to fix this include improving drainage, installing sump pumps, and fixing cracks in your foundation.

2. Basement Remodeling Building Permits

Before you can begin any basement remodeling project, you have to comply with local building codes and get the required permits. If you don’t, you’re at risk of illegally performing a basement remodel. You may also run into potential safety issues.

If you’re unsure if you’re complying with proper building codes, do research and find out what the codes are for your local area. Make sure to get the required permits before starting the project to avoid incurring fines or ensure you’re working with a reliable basement remodeling contractor who will obtain them for you.

3. Basement Remodeling And Your Ceiling

A common issue associated with basement remodeling is your ceiling height. For many homeowners, a basement’s ceiling may be too low, which can make the living area feel cramped and small.

If your ceiling is too low to meet certain codes, you can do things such as raise or replace structural beams or dig out the flooring of your current basement to lower it. These processes can significantly add to the cost of your basement remodel, though.

There are some great interior design tricks you can use to make your space feel larger. Some involve using white or light-colored paint for your walls and ceiling. You should also avoid hanging ceiling lights and use recessed lighting to give a stronger visual impact for the remodeled basement space.

4. Electricity And Wiring For Basement Remodels

If you’re planning significant changes with your basement remodel, you’ll most likely deal with electrical and wiring issues. In a situation where you will need to adjust your wiring, it’s best to hire a professional. A professional electrician can make sure your remodel meets any compliance needs and can prevent you from harming yourself or damaging your living space.

5. Structural Issues With Basement Remodeling

Finally, an issue that every homeowner must address before doing any basement remodeling is structural problems with your basement. These can range from sagging floors to unstable walls.

To avoid these structural issues from impacting your remodel, it’s best to hire a professional contractor to inspect every inch of your basement and look for any potential problems that may affect the process of your basement remodeling project. By dealing with this from the start, you can avoid costly setbacks during your basement transformation.

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