Questions to Ask Before Beginning A Home Addition

There is something special about a single family home. Many families in the Twin Cities, including Edina and Plymouth’s surrounding communities, choose to stay in their single family home and add additional living space rather than selling and moving to a larger residence.

Neighbors and Friends

This allows kids to stay in their schools in Minneapolis or St. Paul, for the family to stay in touch with neighbors and friends, and to eliminate the cost of selling a home and moving. Adding to the home with a new master bedroom, a mother-in-law suite, a 3-season porch, home office, or even an entirely new level are all possibilities. Working with top home remodeling contractors creates a stress-free process that is completed on time and on budget.

Before contacting home remodeling contractors, we recommend you ask yourself the following questions about the project and your home addition goals.

  • What is your budget? Knowing your budget allows home remodeling contractors to provide a realistic plan as to the scope of the addition.
  • What space do you want to add? This could be an entire level, a single room, an expansion of an existing room or area of the home, or a specific type of addition.
  • Where should the addition be located? An addition usually can be added to the side, or back of the home. The size of the lot in the Twin Cities area as well as local building code requirements should be consulted to determine what is possible.
  • How do you see it integrating with the current home design? Most people want the addition to blend into the existing home, which includes the features and design styles included in the extension.

If you are considering a home addition and remodeling project in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Plymouth, or Edina, call on the team at Executive Remodeling. For a free quote on the project, contact us at (612) 333-5577.

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