Our design team at Executive Remodeling works to achieve a balance of style and functionality when it comes to storage options in your kitchen remodel.

A functional kitchen must have sufficient storage options, and you can never have too much storage space. Your kitchen cabinets, drawers and pantries can make cooking a joy.

Your Kitchen Remodel

Cabinets are typically one of the most expensive items for your kitchen remodel, as you want them to both look good and be highly functional. In smaller kitchens, floor and wall cabinets are good for storing utensils, cutlery and dishes. A pull-out pantry is also an excellent addition to your kitchen remodel, as it allows you a place to store food without cluttering your kitchen.

Items such as Lazy Susans, spice racks and stacked shelves for storing plates are ways you can maximize your storage space. You can also consider a storage drawer under your cooktop, which makes cooking easier, or a kitchen island, which can house a significant number of appliances and utensils below the countertop. Other storage possibilities to maximize kitchen space include hooks for hanging pots and pans, and open shelves making items easy to reach.

In figuring out which storage solution options may be best for you, Executive Remodeling’s design team will work with you. These decisions are an important part of your kitchen remodel.

Executive Remodeling is a full-service general contractor in the Twin Cities which can help you design and remodel your kitchen. We have over 60 years of industry experience. We offer the additional following services: basement remodels, bathroom remodels as well as other types of additions. We will work with you on your design and help you achieve your desired results. We strive to make your experience with us a positive one.

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