Executive Remodeling Provides Insider Tips to Save on Bathrooms Remodels

Smart Ways to Save on Bathrooms Remodeling

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A bathroom remodel can add beauty, functionality, and value to any home. In fact, few home renovations attract more attention than bathroom renovations. However, most wonder how to keep costs under control while adding the most value in the process. Executive Remodeling shares the top industry insider tips on how to save on bathroom remodeling costs while still getting the dream spa-like oasis.

How Much Does the Average Bathroom Remodel Cost?

According to the Remodeling 2022 Cost Vs Value Report, the cost of a mid-range bathroom remodel is approximately $27,000, and $16,000 can be recouped at the time of sale. There are many things that can impact the cost of the project and ways to add value with smart decisions.

Top Ways to Save on a Bathrooms Renovation

While updating a bathroom can be one of the costliest projects to undertake, it is possible to achieve while staying within budget. Here are the top insider tips for saving.

Start With A Qualified Professional

The first step in keeping remodeling costs down is working with a qualified professional. A qualified general contractor and bathroom remodeler will save money by keeping the project on a timeline, avoiding costly mistakes, and having access to the best prices on materials. Additionally, a professional can help clarify goals and provide options for achieving them.

Plan Ahead and Save

Nothing can drive up the cost of a project more than not having a plan. Changes increase costs in materials, delays, and additional labor. By using product photos and other inspiration, it is possible to plan a look and achieve it for the lowest costs.

Keep the Bathroom’s Size and Layout

Plumbing is one of the most expensive aspects of a bathroom remodel, so it is important to keep as much of it the same as possible. This means avoiding enlarging the bathroom or moving water using fixtures. Toilets are especially costly to move as it involves moving the toilet discharge and sewer pipe. If the project does include enlarging the room, find out if it is possible to move the features that are least costly to relocate.

Don’t Move Load-Bearing Walls

If the bathroom remodel includes expansion, consider doing it without moving a load-bearing wall. These walls hold up the roof or a second floor and can be complex and costly to move. Non-load-bearing walls can be moved or removed with less cost and effort.

Considering Refreshing Vs Replacing

If existing elements in the bathroom are functional but just not aesthetically pleasing, consider refinishing them rather than replacing them. Resurfacing a tub, for example, can cost 75% less than a replacement.

Reign In Your Design Choices

The price of a remodel can escalate quickly when using things such as designer tile or other expensive materials. It is still possible to achieve a very high-end look by using less expensive and less labor-intensive materials as accents.

Shop Around for Affordable Alternatives

Another valuable cost-saving option is shopping around for affordable alternatives. Shop local construction resale stores, thrift stores, and online for discounted items such as high-end lighting, faucets, showerheads, and more.

Also, consider other options. Many designer materials have very closely replicated and more affordable options available in the market. Likewise, there may be other products or materials that can provide the same look without the cost. It always helps to talk to a bathroom remodeler for expert recommendations.

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