Guide To Kitchen Cabinets In Minneapolis, MN

A Guide To Kitchen Cabinets For Your Kitchen
Remodeling Project In Minneapolis, MN

An Expert Remodeling Service Talks Kitchen
Cabinets And How To Choose Them

To be really honest, one of the most exciting parts of a home remodeling project near Minneapolis, MN is choosing the new hardware and equipment for your kitchen – like cabinets! Cabinets are an essential part of the kitchen both for storage and food preparation.

But where do you even begin in choosing which cabinets to install in your kitchen? Here are some key things that Executive Remodeling wants to share with you.

Choosing A Style Of Kitchen Cabinet

Among the decisions you’ll have to make is the choice of how you want the frame of your cabinets to look. There are a few options:

  • Shaker: A shaker cabinet offers simple lines with box and square designs. You’ll have an interior panel where any opening hardware is fastened.
  • Craftsman: Craftsman offers classic styling with very simple lines. These are very recognizable patterns from older and farmhouse homes – usually with exposed joints in the tongue-in-groove construction.
  • Beadboard: This variety is well known as a design with repeated but not always symmetric vertical grooves. For beadboard, you’ll have a square frame to support the hardware.
  • Flatfront: As the name indicates – no recesses here! Flat front cabinets offer a single flat piece of material with no pattern.
  • Raised panel: These are fairly traditional and often offer a rectangular raised part in the middle surrounded by a grooved line.

Finding The Right Material For Your Cabinets
During Your Kitchen Remodel

Cabinets are often mixed materials, including wood, plywood, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), HDF (high-density fiberboard), and laminate.

You also get some choice in wood, with some of the most popular being cherry, oak, maple, hickory, and pine. Hardwood cabinets have a natural beauty and potential for a beautiful wood grain finish. Your choice of wood will determine the longevity and upkeep of the cabinet.

Laminate is an inexpensive alternative in many designs since it is made of a resin mix. These are easy to clean and maintain but are also less durable and can’t be repaired.

MDF and HDF are cousins of the same process. These use wood fibers, resin, and glue pushed together at varying pressures to create solid boards. These are well-priced, rather light, and easy to paint, but they also swell with moisture. MDF also isn’t that durable.

Consult with your professional home remodeler about what is going to work best for your usage and budget.

Maintenance And Upkeep For Cabinets
In Your Minneapolis Kitchen Remodel

Homeowners tend to dislike being stuck with more maintenance than expected, and a lack of maintenance leaves cabinets working and looking not so great. Consider a few factors here:

  • Paint: Matte paint makes stains and fingerprints even more obvious. A satin finish can help here.
  • Stains: Stains are a bit easier to maintain than paint. Simply having a marker that resembles the color of your stain can make things work in a pinch, and stain colors are fairly easy to match.
  • Crevices: Some cabinet types, like beadboard and craftsman, have multiple grooves and slots where dust and grime can sneak in. These will require more frequent maintenance than flat types of cabinets.
  • Ornate details: Some types of cabinets offer a very simple exterior where dirt and dust have no place to hide. Adding textures, patterns, or exterior features to your cabinets gives indoor particles more places to settle in.

Choosing Hardware For Your Cabinets
During Your Kitchen Renovation

Most cabinets have some kind of hardware to make them easier to open, though some cabinets have a groove where you can pull directly on the door.

Making these choices generally depends on the style and material of your cabinets. There are so many options. For example, we’ve seen bronze and modern styles of knobs and bin pulls and an enormous variety of colors from chrome to solid black or polished brass.

Hardware can make a nice accent for your cabinets. There are even more design considerations to think about for hardware, and for the most part, you can simply change hardware you won’t like anymore. So try something!

Call Executive Remodeling For Expert Cabinet Knowledge
On Your Minneapolis, MN Kitchen Remodeling Project

Cabinets are a fun subject to start with on your remodeling project in the Minneapolis-St Paul area. Executive Remodeling has many options and knowledge when it comes to picking out beautiful, functional cabinets for your home. Call us at (612) 333-5577 to schedule an in-person consultation – we would love to meet you!

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