Dependability = Trust

We Constantly Work To Build Your Trust
Through Reliability And Dependability

That’s Why We’re Remodeling Heroes –
We EARN Our Customers’ Confidence

At Executive Remodeling, we give our all to build your trust in us and select us over other Twin Cities-area home remodeling contractors. For instance, we make sure our service is always friendly, attentive, and helpful. We also make sure our workmanship meets or exceeds your expectations.


Because your trust is paramount to us. It’s how we measure our success. When you trust us enough to recommend us to friends or to return to us for another project, we know we’ve made you happy.

And that makes us happy.

So, we try to earn a customer’s confidence in us during every home remodeling project.

What Do We Do To Earn Your Trust?

As far as we’re concerned, a business that can’t be trusted is not worthy of customers. That’s why it is so important that we gain your confidence.

But how do we do that? What do we focus on?

Those are the key questions we struggle with. Who are we? How do we earn your trust? The answers we came up with have become the keys to our business strategy.

We Are Customer-Centered

At Executive Remodeling, we’re not driven by profits, sales growth, or market share. Instead, we’ve chosen to place you, the customer, at the very center of our business model.


Well, first, we work hard to understand your needs, preferences, and values so we can provide an outstanding home remodeling experience. This means we ask a lot of questions.

Some common ones include the following:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you like?
  • What are you hoping for?
  • How much do you prefer to spend?

Once we understand who you are and what you need, want, and have budgeted for, we concentrate on providing the best results possible. To do that, our team communicates with you constantly to be sure we understand your goals.

We keep you in the loop so you always know where the project stands, asking for your feedback and then acting on it immediately.

And we provide top-quality materials, expert workmanship, and exceptional customer service, which allows us to work closely with you to solve your problems.

An essential part of our customer-centered approach is always trying to understand your point of view and ensure you have the information you want and need. Finally, we always try to maintain a positive attitude when we work with you.

We’re Utterly Dependable

Dependability is the foundation of trust, so we work to be as reliable and dependable as possible. We keep our promises and only make those we can keep.

For example, we may suggest a possible range of completion dates for your project, but we won’t promise. The supply chain, the weather, or other circumstances outside of our control might cause a delay.

However, we can – and will – promise to show up on time, work hard, and complete the job in a timely fashion and to your specifications. We promise to be available to you if you have questions and to address your concerns promptly. We promise to respect your wishes while we’re in your home and to handle all tasks professionally.

And when we promise something, you can depend on it.

We Are Honest And Transparent

We are 100% honest, and we display integrity in every customer interaction. For instance, if we make a mistake, we never try to hide it from you. Instead, we address it head-on, point out the error, and own up to it.

We behave proactively to prevent problems, but we accept responsibility if one does arise. We don’t point fingers or make excuses; instead, we take the blame and proceed to fix the issue.

Our sales approach does not involve offering steep, limited-time price drops to get you to sign the contract before you’ve had time to consider it. Those types of mind games are simply not in our playbook.

Instead, we provide you the information – as well as the time and space – you need to make a considered decision.

So, consider working with a home remodeling contractor you can trust to put your needs first, behave dependably, and act with integrity. Contact us at Executive Remodeling in the Twin Cities area today and schedule a free consultation.

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