Creative Ideas To Hide Your Basement Pole

5 Ways To Hide Your Pole In Plain Sight During
An Eden Prairie Basement Remodel

From Tasteful Tile To Stone, Make
Your Pole An Integral Part
Of Your Basement

Few things are as irritating during an Eden Prairie basement remodel as a pole right in the middle of the room. Poles and beams are there for structural support, but this fact doesn’t make them any easier to navigate around.

But what if instead of treating your pole as an obstacle to be overcome, you incorporate it into your basement design?

Pole covers range in material from vinyl to stone and everything in between. Depending on what you use your basement for, consider making your pole an integral part of your basement design.

Let’s look at just some of the many ways you can hide your pole in plain sight during your basement remodeling project.

1. Add Four-Sided Shelving Around Your
Pole In Your Basement Remodel

Shelving is integral to any room, and your remodeled basement is no exception. If you want to hide your pole, consider adding a four-sided shelf around it.

Not only does it put your shelving in a more central location, but it frees up wall space so you can have more room for furniture and other features.

2. Remodeling Your Eden Prairie Basement As A Home
Gym? Add A Weight Rack Next To Your Pole

Home gyms are usually divided into sections dedicated to different workouts, depending, of course, on the size of your basement. Segmenting your basement is ideal for working around a pole.

Add a weight rack or other exercise equipment next to your pole to disguise it. You could even use it to store shelving or gym clothes or add a shelf for your stereo system. The possibilities are almost endless!

3. Turn Your Eden Prairie Basement Support
Poles Into Tasteful Columns

If you’re aiming for a more traditional or Old World design for your basement remodel, transform your support poles into columns.

Pole covers are affordable and easy to install. When you choose Executive Remodeling for your basement remodel, we can ensure every detail falls into place to create the perfect space.

Choose from an array of colors and styles to turn your basement support pole into an eye-catching piece of architecture rather than an eyesore.

4. Consider Tilework To Make Your Eden Prairie
Basement’s Pole Part Of Your Design

Tile and stone are great options for making your basement support pole blend into the rest of your design.

Tile comes in all colors and patterns, making it a durable and creative way to help your pole stand out in the best way. Tile is incredibly resistant to moisture, rot, and mold, making it a low-maintenance option that will hold up beautifully for years.

For a more rustic design, add stone to the bottom half of the pole and paint or wrap the top half to look like a wood beam. This style works with farmhouse and rustic aesthetics but can be modified to fit into many other designs.

5. Add A Round Shelf Around The Support
Pole In Your Basement Remodel

This idea will come in handy for homeowners who like to entertain family and friends in their basement. Adding a round shelf is great for drinks, appetizers, and other food items so they don’t get misplaced throughout the room.

A round shelf can make your pole feel like an integrated part of the design that isn’t just functional. It’s stylish, too.

Executive Remodeling: Eden Prairie’s Number One
Choice For Exceptional Basement Remodeling

Whether you need creative ways to incorporate your basement’s support pole into your remodel’s design or are searching for exceptional basement remodeling in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, come to Executive Remodeling.

With a track record for customer satisfaction and stunning, long-lasting results, Executive Remodeling has more than 60 years of collective experience in the remodeling industry. Call us at (612) 333-5577 or contact us online to request a consultation!

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