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Basement Remodeling Pricing Guide
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You’re doing your homework, prepping to transform your unfinished basement. And, you want to start wrapping your mind around costs here in the Twin Cities. Our basement remodel pricing “guide” below can help.

Major Budgeting Considerations

Basements present unique challenges than those you run into with Kitchen Remodeling or Bathroom Remodeling. What’s the #1 component that drives costs for these projects? Size. Finished basements need walls, flooring, HVAC, plumbing, etc. The bigger the area, the more goes into it. Below are other considerations, or main factors that drive remodeling costs.

Your Home’s Age & Layout

A finished basement becomes a comfortable, polished extension of your Twin Cities home. It’s where you can go to entertain, to work out, to work, and so on. All this function will require the systems to make them work. We also have to consider the age of your home, and any repairs that will be required to bring your vision to life within city coding restrictions.

New Basement Features

After the Design phase of your project, you’ll get a selection sheet with every product and material you need to choose – cabinetry, backsplashes, flooring, windows, other aesthetic materials like stone, lighting fixtures, etc. The good news is that we help you make choices that keep your overall project within budget, while keeping systems like gas and power in mind.

Specialty Spaces

What if you want to transform your unfinished basement into your own personal gym? What if you’re a wine collector? Maybe you want to setup a unique workspace or hobby area? The more customization, the more complex your project becomes. While we can create different rooms with the space you have, each will bump up the costs from one wide-open basement area.


Adding functional bathrooms to finished basements is common, because they’re convenient and add value to the home. That said, the basic requirements of building a basement bathroom and setting up the systems it needs is sure to increase your overall budget. From there, it comes down to product and material choices and the level of luxury you’re looking to achieve.

Electrical & Appliances

Refrigerators. New washers and dryers. Microwaves, and a new sleek bar area for entertaining guests. Mechanical upgrades are often a must-have with basement remodeling projects here in the Twin Cities, but they require power and space and often accompanying custom storage areas. We’ll walk you through every variable step by step, during initial consultations.

Egress & Coding

Egress windows and local coding requirements are often overlooked by homeowners. That said, our owner has been working in residential construction and remodeling here in the area for over thirty years. We know how to get over these humps and challenges, while adding natural light.

Real Project Examples

Executive Remodeling Basement Remodel Pricing Example 2 Twin Cities

Basement #1: Smaller St. Louis Park Basement Remodel

What Was Involved?

A More Limited, Or Basic $90K+ Basement Remodel To Create New Living Space

Here we have a perfect example of what we might call a smaller, or more limited basement finishing project here in St. Louis Park. We transformed their dark and damp basement into a finished living space with family room, bedroom, bath and egress window.

Executive Remodeling Basement Remodel Pricing Example 4 Twin Cities

Basement #2: Large Basement Remodel Minneapolis

What Was Involved?

A Dynamic Basement Remodel As Part Of A $1M+ New Home Build

This project was large and very complex, as the basement was part of a whole new home’s construction. They wanted, essentially, a downstairs apartment with a bedroom, bathroom, living space with a full bar area, movie projector system, sound system, and a spa. A perfect example of a larger basement remodeling project that requires much more work than a limited finish.

More Transformations & Pricing Examples

The gallery photos below show you a good breadth of what we’re capable of – from straightforward basement remodels, basements as part of whole-house remodels, and dynamic, luxurious new-build basement spaces. Note that the higher-budget projects are much more complex and involved projects. Also, these projects happened in the past, and prices naturally inflate over time.

Executive Remodeling Basement Remodel Pricing Example 2 Twin Cities

85K+ Basement Finish Family Room

Executive Remodeling Basement Remodel Pricing Example 1 Twin Cities

85K+ Basement Finish Entertainment Room

Executive Remodeling Basement Remodel Pricing Example 5 Twin Cities

$100k+ Rebuild w/ Bathroom & Music Room

Executive Remodeling Basement Remodel Pricing Example 3 Twin Cities

Basement Part of $200K+ Larger Project

Executive Remodeling Basement Remodel Pricing Example 6 Twin Cities

Basement As Part Of $350K Whole-House Remodel

Executive Remodeling Basement Remodel Pricing Example 4 Twin Cities

Basement Part Of $1M+ New Home Build

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