We Personalize The Product Selection Process

We Personalize The Product Selection Process

We’ll Even Meet You At The Store
To Help Decide On Products

We get it – taking on a home remodeling project can be a HUGE undertaking. Along with that, all of the decision-making you have to do along the way can give you a headache.

Even the fun part – the whole selection process during the design phase can sometimes become overwhelming.

And that’s no fun for anyone.

With Executive Remodeling, we personalize your selection process and have a designer on staff to assist you with all your design choices.

Designer On Staff

We’re all about increasing the value our clients receive throughout their entire home remodeling experience.

Our on-staff designer is a huge part of that effort.

They can assist you during the selection phase of the design process.

With their years of experience, they offer expert help with products, design elements, style choices, and more.

And remember, it’s your choice whether you use our designer’s guidance or not. We just ensure that expert help is available when it’s needed.

Involved In Each Step Of The Process

After your initial consultation, our designer is involved throughout the process.

Selection information is continuously updated and shared with our designer. Everything you choose and all the choices you still need to make are all laid out in an organized spreadsheet.

Our designer will add their recommendations along the way, make suggestions on key considerations, and give helpful tips.

They’re, of course, also available to answer any and all questions you have along the way.

Adding Our Expertise To Your Vision

Our designer is your personal resource for everything from materials to color matching and everything in between. They’re your go-to for bringing your dream remodel to life.

Whether at the tile or flooring store or picking out paint, faucets, or toilets, our designer will meet with you wherever you wish to shop.

And if you don’t have any design experience or don’t think you’re the best home decorator around, our designer will ensure you don’t pick things that clash or aren’t durable.

They’ll make sure everything fits and matches. Our designer will keep the big picture in mind so that you can focus on choosing products that you’ll love.

Narrowing Down The Vast Amount Of Choices

Deciding what you want can be overwhelming, to say the least.

And we can’t move forward with confirming your house remodel timeline until you’ve made your selections.

So, a key task of your design consultant is to narrow the wide variety of choices and options into a much more manageable selection. This will help you focus on fewer options ( like colors or styles ) and prevent you from being distracted by the abundance of choices.

So, when you’re ready for your next big home remodel in the Twin Cities area and are searching for a remodeling company that adds a personal touch to its designing and planning process, contact Executive Remodeling to schedule an appointment.

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