Luxury Features To Elevate Your Whole Home Remodel

Luxury Features To Elevate Your Maple
Grove Whole Home Remodel

Ensure Your House Renovation
Will Be Loved With Features
That Are Timeless

When you need a whole home remodel for your Maple Grove home, you need the very best design-build company to give you the best value for every dollar.

But what sets a luxury remodel above the rest?

Details and quality are everything in a luxury home remodel. Instead of opting for cheap fixtures that may break down or wear out quickly over time, luxury remodels add a touch of class to any room. Instead of using generic tile for your walk-in shower, add a detailed motif that breathes life and luxury into a spa-like atmosphere.

When you want to upgrade your Maple Grove home to a luxury space, consider the following features, which will transform it from “good enough” to “stunning.”

Why Should You Consider Luxury Upgrades
To Your Maple Grove Home?

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to remodel their homes. You may want to upgrade your home so you and your family can better enjoy time together. If you’re putting your home on the market, a luxury home remodel attracts a larger pool of potential buyers.

No matter the reason for your whole home remodel, luxury upgrades pay off in the long run.

  • Increased comfort – many luxury upgrades make your home more efficient and beautiful, making you want to spend more time in your home.
  • Higher curb appeal – it’s natural to want to show off your home, and luxury upgrades present your home in the best way.
  • Boosts your property value – luxury upgrades increase the value of your home, which is important even if you plan on staying in your home for years to come.

Add Heated Floors To Your Whole Home Remodel

Anyone who’s lived in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area during the winter time knows how cold it gets. Adding heated floors will keep you and your family comfortable during the cold months without the inconvenience of dry air and uneven heat.

Adding radiant heating to your floors requires trained, certified installers for electrical work. All our workers are licensed, certified, and experienced at Executive Remodeling. When you choose Executive Remodeling, you receive peace of mind when choosing the best.

Consider Upgrading Your Maple Grove
Home With A Chef’s Kitchen

Your kitchen is the hub of your home, and the place where family and friends gather to visit and share delicious food.

Expanding your current kitchen into a gourmet chef’s kitchen is one of the best luxury upgrades, with beautiful and easy-to-access cabinetry, durable flooring, spacious countertops, and state-of-the-art fixtures.

If you’re passionate about wine, add a wine cellar or a walk-in pantry for a touch of elegance.

Include A Luxury Bathroom In Your
Home Remodeling Plans

Every homeowner deserves a spa-like bathroom where you can soak the day’s worries away in a gorgeous freestanding tub or streamline your morning routine with a spacious walk-in shower.

An experienced designer can help you build the bathroom of your dreams that will suit your tastes. Choose high-end tile and cabinetry that will both look stunning and endure years of use without losing its sparkle.

Invest In Your Entryway With Whole Home Remodeling

A luxury home needs an equally grand entryway where guests can marvel at its beauty. Choose a high-quality front door, perhaps with a personalized stained-glass motif, to make your foyer as beautiful as the rest of your home.

Make The Best Of Summer By Adding An Outdoor
Entertaining Space To Your Home Remodel

A luxury home isn’t complete without a luxurious backyard. Add a spacious patio with plenty of shade to make the most of summer days.

If you love to cook, consider adding an outdoor kitchen so you can invite family and friends over for an outdoor barbecue. A swimming pool is another luxury upgrade that will help you and your family enjoy time at home more.

Get The Most Of Your Floor Plan By
Adding A Beautiful Walk-In Closet

Say goodbye to a cramped, disorganized closet. Adding a walk-in closet to your home remodel will give everything its own place, and you can more easily find what you’re looking for. No more rushing to find your clothes and running late to work!

Add Smart Technology In Your Home
Remodel For Peace Of Mind

Everyone wants to keep their home and loved ones safe. That’s why smart technology is such a popular upgrade among homeowners in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area.

Not only does smart technology keep your home safe and secure, but you can also check on your pets, set the thermostat, and even answer the door remotely.

At Executive Remodeling, we know how important your family is to you. Let us help you design a home with the best security in mind.

Executive Remodeling: Maple Grove’s Number One
Choice In Luxury Whole Home Remodeling

We’ve been among the most trusted home remodelers in the Twin Cities for years. Our commitment to our customers, attention to detail, and seamless process have customers coming to us repeatedly for remodeling work they can trust.

Why should you settle for any less? Call us at (612) 333-5577 or visit online to schedule your consultation.

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