How Do You Choose The Right Vanity?

Finding Your Vanity: How To Find The Right
One For Your Minnetonka
Bathroom Remodel

Things To Consider When
Choosing A Vanity

Think of your vanity as the centerpiece of your bathroom. How beautiful – or how hideous – your vanity is can make or break the entire vibe of your remodel. With such high expectations for your Minnetonka bathroom remodeling project, how do you find the right vanity for you?

Consider several factors, including your bathroom remodel’s aesthetic, budget, and practicality. Some vanities – such as those with tall vessel sinks – are breathtaking in certain settings but may not be the best choice in a bathroom shared by the kids. The same goes for details such as the height of your counters, the size of your bathroom, the strength of your walls, and the setup of your existing plumbing.

Make sure to choose a vanity that matches the overall feel of your bathroom and fits inside the allotted space. The last thing any homeowner wants during as major an undertaking as a bathroom remodel is finding the perfect vanity only to see that it doesn’t fit their planned layout!

There’s more to choosing a vanity than color and style. Your vanity’s height, plumbing, and the strength of your wall and bathroom layout influence how well your vanity fits in your remodel.

As bathroom remodeling experts for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, we know how important it is for every feature of your remodel – from the tilework to the plumbing and everything in between – to flawlessly fall together.

Your Vanity’s Style Matches Your Bathroom Remodel

No two homeowners are the same, so it makes sense that no two individual styles are exactly alike. Your vanity style is the most exciting part about picking out a vanity. Choosing a vanity color and style you love is pivotal in enjoying your new bathroom remodel.

Make sure your vanity style matches your bathroom’s overall aesthetic, however, or it may end up looking mismatched, and your bathroom remodel may lack flow.

The Size Of Your Vanity Vs. The Size Of
Your Remodeled Bathroom

Your vanity’s size may not seem like a major detail, but it becomes more important once you consider who will be using your bathroom.

A shorter vanity may be uncomfortable for taller individuals but great for young children. Likewise, having a vanity that’s too tall may not work for you if you want a vessel sink or have young children using the bathroom.

Your bathroom’s size is another crucial factor. You don’t want to find the perfect vanity only to take it home and find it’s just a couple of inches too wide to fit in the allotted space. Ensure your vanity’s size is relative to the size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, don’t go with a large vanity that will take up nearly half the total space.

Exposed Pipework In Your Bathroom Remodel

Some vanities have ample space to hide the pipework, but others don’t. Consider how to approach the issue of exposed pipework when choosing your vanity. No one wants to look at an ugly entangled mass of pipes, but there are some things you can do if your perfect vanity doesn’t adequately hide the piping.

Replacing your existing pipes with copper or chrome adds shine to your bathroom remodel and turns something unsightly into a stunning highlight.

Strength Of Your Remodeled Bathroom’s Walls

Wall-hung or “floating” vanities don’t come in contact with the ground, relying solely on the wall for support. This style adds a great aesthetic to your bathroom but can spell disaster when your walls aren’t strong enough.

The Plumbing Setup In Your Bathroom Remodel

Your chosen vanity will have to line up with your existing plumbing. Understanding this before finding your vanity will save you a headache in trying to line everything up.

At Executive Remodeling, we handle all aspects of your bathroom remodel, including plumbing, sparing you the headache.

Does Your Vanity’s Hardware Match
Your Bathroom Remodel?

Small details in your vanity, such as the hardware, can easily be switched out to better match your aesthetic. Found a vanity you love for your minimalist bathroom but not a fan of the Baroque hardware? Just switch the hardware out, and the problem will be solved!

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